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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Silent Hill: Black Sun Rising
Silent Hill: Black Sun Rising created by Sgt. Sickness, Doktor haus.
Reviews (4)
Welcome to Silent Hill. This survival map is huge and it's easy to get lost, so stick together. It features a hospital, school, church, gas station, grocery store, gun shop, trailer park, furniture store, a few diners and more. Try to find the hidden graffiti! I ported Sgt. Sickness' final version of RP_SilentHill to survival. I couldn't get hold of the original author, but I'll remove this if he asks. The file size is large because the map uses a lot of HL2/CSS content.
Version: 1.4  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/14/13
Released: 03/14/13
Author: Sgt. Sickness, Doktor haus
Publisher: Doktor Haus
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: rp_silenthill.vpk  
Size: 120.79MB
Mode: Survival,
- Very spaced - Detailed to perfection - Open almost anything - Great multiplayer experience - Dark and foggy, great scary theme - Large map - A map where it's FUN to run
- Needs more weapons - More room in houses. (Ex: abyss in Hospital)
Nailed it. Eventually, it would be cool if a script turned everything reeeaaally dark. But otherwis, A MUST HAVE MAP.
Huge map Lot of things to explore Tank isn't a problem Church is awesome
Scarce weapons Ammo only in one place A bit bland in some parts Not well detailed Tons of weapons in the gunshop makes some leg
Great survival map, nice environment and design but lack details in some parts. Just need some fixes here and there!
-Good atmosphere -Large map, lots of space -It does have a lot of places to go, all of which are reminiscent of Silent Hill
-Not really optimized for Left 4 Dead 2. As you said, you ported RP_Silent Hill which is more designed for Gmod, HL2, and CSS. -I couldn't seem to find any survival spots that suited me. I may be just nitpicking, but I'd like it if you could change it a bit so some of the survival spots can be held better. You know, until 2 tanks come about 3 minutes in and screw your team over.
Overall, the map is good as far as atmosphere, appearance, and the size is huge, a lot to explore and a lot of places to hold out. It really does need some work to be better optimized for Left 4 Dead 2 however. In that respect I'd say this map is a little ways away from complete, but it can be done, and I hope that it will be. I'll keep an eye on this map.
-Awesome -Nice for SH fans -One of the best survivals i see
-I cant find one!
Ill give a 10/10 because i love it and i cant find any fail . This survival is soo good for SH fans
Last Updated: 03/14/13 Version: 1.4  (Complete) Views: 94,987
there's a crash that map I think
Hey guys do you thinking this map turns your game crash?
wow .Interesting downloading and will see :)
There are monsters there?
Excuse me,is this survical map have a ending?
I don't know but... the map doesn't start for me. :U
Like, the loading bar when loading the map, gets stuck at like the very end and stops loading and nothing happens.
same as me man
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