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D0g created by Pajama911.
UPDATE: Removed several unnecessary files from the vpk, no clue how they got there in the first place UPDATE: Fixed the physics model UPDATE: Fixed consistency issues, added burning texture Replaces the Tank with D0g. Threw this together real quick and most of the time was spent on replacing the audio, ragdoll physics tends to freak out a little bit so I'll try to fix it later.
Version: 4  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/04/13
Released: 03/04/13
Author: Pajama911
Publisher: Pajama911
File: d0g_tank.vpk  
Size: 13.95MB
Last Updated: 03/04/13   Version: 4  (Complete)    
I hear some "beep" when the DOG "barks",should I use "snd_rebuildaudiocache"?
Anyway,the best tank mod I've ever seen here.
Really nice and HD texture Fits as the tank way much then other mods out there Easy to spot even if it's not so "big" as the normal tank
Can't really hear the sound
Nice mod , 1 of the bests really enjoying it
What The
Why robot Dog have Blood of tank ??
Wouldn't it be keen if the blood came out as sparks.
This is a unique beauty. I amplified the sound files a little. Nice project.
Could you make his voice a little louder plz? I can barely hear his voice even iwth the normal tank theme. Only problem this skin has;D
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