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Megurine Luka Music and Concert Mod (v1.2) created by Jeff/Various Music Artists.
Replaces most of the default music and concert with Luka. Feel free to comment or message me if you think a track should be changed or if you find a bug. **Song List in the Changelog**
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 03/17/13
Released: 03/17/13
Author: Jeff/Various Music Artists
Publisher: Jeffalbel22
File: megurine luka music mod and concert (v1.2).vpk  
Size: 699.73MB
Last Updated: 03/17/13   Version: 1.2  (Complete)    
It doesn't show up in my addons list at all, nor has the music in the game changed...
If it didn't show up in your addons list, then you did not install it correctly.
I'm afraid it still doesn't work. Here's how I installed it:
1. Download the file which is in .zip format
2. Extract the file, making it a .vpk format
3. Put that .vpk file in the addons folder

I've installed plenty of other mods and they work fine. Just to make sure I just downloaded a fireaxe skin and that showed up un the addons list and changed the fireaxe in-game. Sometimes a mod won't work but it would still appear in the addons list, regardless. Could it be that I should not have put it in the addons folder?
Hmm. Well there's three things I know that could be causing the problem:
1) Macs are known to be unable to read vpks with long file names like this one. If you have a Mac, try shortening the file name.
2) Try verifying integrity of the game cache. It'll replace any damaged or missing files in your left4dead2 folder (if you have and desired files, remove them first, then verify because they will be gone after the process).
3) The very unlikely one: a fake copy of l4d2. Pirated versions are known to not work for some mods.

I really hope this helped, because I can't think of any other possible issues. Good luck!
-It does what he says it does; it replaces pretty much all the music in l4d2 besides the menu -Megurine Luka! -Luka Luka Night Fever as a concert song...Brilliant idea
Incredible mod for vocaloid fans like myself. Great job on this Jeff. And thanks for changing those songs, the new ones are much better.
This and your Gumi mod are my favorite sound mods in this site
This is full of win, thanks for the mod Jeff :)
GREAT JOB!!!!! =3
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