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Let's Build an Iceplane created by Rev_deaddiet.
Our 4 survivors gathered together after the zombie apocalypse started. They decided to go to the kinda-famous Plaza they used to go to. Upon arrival , they noticed there was nobody. Soon the zombies became flooding in , the survivors decided to go away on their own. Build barricades , research weapons and build an iceplane while fighting off hordes of zombies and meeting the nature's snowy storm. This map was quickly built , and is also a very fast map. Details will be added later. If this map is too easy , try change difficulty. The Tank spawns on the outside - He also throws rocks first when heading to you. You have no idea where he will come from.
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 02/28/13
Released: 02/28/13
Author: Rev_deaddiet
Publisher: Rev_deaddiet
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: l4d2_lbai_rev.vpk  
Size: 16MB
Mode: Co-Op,
Environments: Arctic / Winter,
Last Updated: 02/28/13   Version: 1.1  (Complete)    
It was a great map but I had some problems well when I build the iceplane it dissapears
A freaking Lets Build Map! I like the idea of the map Fairly easy to play with bots
The enviorment inst very good, but I did see you didn't have a lot of good props. I came Across a glitch where I would build onto the plane, the sound would play, but the part wasn't there. I had to restart, but no big deal, the map is still fun.
The map is very good and very fun, try it when you can!
Common zombies do spawn. If they didn't , the other people who reviewed should've mentioned that before.
Maybe the server you were playing on broke something in the map , started the map not correctly or had some mods installed that somehow could affect this.
Perhaps. To be fair, I will give the map another shot in a bit without mods. It had been on a single player game, so idk if that had any effect on it.
Thanks. Mainly , this map is bad because i sped trough making it (and i know i just did).
Main thing i was aiming for: Good layout , easy-normal difficulty and a good environment (but that failed because i don't have any fitting props)
-Very even flow from what I could experience (+4 because that never happens in let's build maps!) -Good for beginners to the lets build category or users with bots (+3) -Very new landscape for this type of game (+1) -Nice areal view even though i never left plaza(+1) -Hadn't seen this tech tree before (+.5)
-Once you got the first few primaries, there was no need to research any other weapons, making the game all about building (-1) -Suffers from bots being helpless to pick up weapons of their own without you dropping yours, but that's the norm with tech trees (No point loss) -Very boring white textures, while I appreciate the change in scenery, it could have been done better. (-.5) -A progress bar would have been very helpful, as the progress is hard to eyeball just looking at the plane. Maybe an outline of the final plane to show you how close you are. (Mo point loss, but could have made this map much nicer)
(Re-Review): Overall a very fun map. This was especially noticeable with bots. Half of the cons are nitpickey bits that would help to add to the experience. I would definitely play this again, with bots or people. I am glad I gave this map another chance, and sorry about the earlier bad review. Plus its always nice to see authors checking on what the community thinks of their maps. Anyways, well done.
-fun gameplay -easy for players new to ,,Let's build -new idea -big map
-OMG flying ammo pile -too few special infected -special infected spawn is too close -too many tanks -invisible walls
This is fun map, but it have some cons
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