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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Arcadia
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Deep underwater, the zombie apocalypse has spread to the city of Rapture. Four survivors have teamed up in the hopes to escape and find a safe location. All credit goes to 2k games and Irrational Games for the models, textures and sounds. I will happily remove if need be. I am a big fan of Bioshock.
Version: 1.2  (Beta)
Last Updated: 03/09/13
Released: 03/09/13
Author: Special KBS/2K Games/Irrational
Publisher: rtsdeathreaper
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: arcadia.vpk  
Size: 270.07MB
Mode: Co-Op,
Stays true to the design from Bioshock Great map design Colorful Lighting is well-done
Too many infected spawning at once Not a fan of the "let's build" maps Needs ammo piles Needs a survival version Unbalanced gameplay
A great map that isn't so hot once the gameplay starts going. Overall, a solid effort.
-Fun to explore
-The endless horde of common infected -Not many barricades
The endless stream of zombies made the map annoying to play. It would have been less annoying if there were short breaks betwen hordes.
-Bioshock -Vending Machines -Turrets -Useful Barricades -Wrench -Bioshock
-Waaaaay too many common infected! -It NEEDS more ammo piles! Some that you can buy at other places in the map -A bit confusing a rough top-down map at the spawn would be help
It is amazing! I love Bioshock and this is just what I dreamed of. Sadly the common infected munching the shit outta you constantly gets really annoying FAST. Apart from that it is a very beautiful map, quite fun once you get good gear and I recommend it.
+Reliving Bioshock world through vastly detailed environment. +Items in Bioshock (vending machines, bathysphere) serve purpose in L4D2 world. +Scattered Items throughout the map makes players explore. +Restructure the tech tree.
-Lack of hindering objects through map designation overly based on Arcadia makes defending easy and fps drops. -Increasing number of zombies is not the only way to make thing more challenged.
This is a great map. Few maps can shock me in aesthetic design, this one does. I play with humans, so difficulty is not an issue. Maybe the size of zombie is not an only way to increase difficulty, adding some spawning holes near useful vending machine makes player shifting their defending force to resource gathering. There's a lot of way. Your map is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.
+ Utterly amazing visuals, great reproduction. It's not perfect of course, but I was still amazed at how many little details matched up to the original game 1:1 despite the different graphical engines. + Use of custom sound and music, and fairly easy to understand objectives once you get going. + Fairly glitch free, all the collectables, menus, devices and director hints seem to function as intended.
- Just endless hordes with next to no fatigue at all. We died 4 times in a row before we even got as far as working out an optimal "get weapons, then go get health and bile bombs" starting strategy. It really is crazy hard to do ANYTHING with so many zombies around. - Visually demanding map, poorer performance on my usual settings than official maps. - Unsatisfying ending and final objective, with no real surprises at all along the way. - End Roll Stats were broken (0 for everything).
I'm trying not to let personal bias affect this too much because I'm not a huge fan of Let's Build maps, but I confess I didn't really enjoy this at all. I also somewhat wish you had gone for a more traditional campaign using BioShock 1's Arcadia as a starting point, rather than BioShock 2's open multiplayer map, since BioShock was always way more about exploring at a slow, atmospheric pace, whereas this was just all zombies all the time. This campaign really really deserves a 10/10 for effort but I have to be honest and say I didn't especially have fun at all, and the ending was not suitably climatic or rewarding enough to feel like the gruelling challenge was worth it. Certainly worth checking out, as other comments seem to imply the intense difficulty is not intended and does not affect all players.
Last Updated: 03/09/13 Version: 1.2  (Beta) Views: 46,441
I always crash from an error mentioning an infected when I start. Goddammit plz fix this.
Unfortunately it crashes my game at the moment when the survivors pick up the pain pills at the beginning of the game.
It crashes for me too, but not 5 minutes in. Seems to happen shortly after a special infected spawns.
keeps crashing about five minutes in.
It looks awesome, But did you add maybe a room with little girls in it? Would be fun.
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