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Improved Slimer 4 Boomer created by Emperor Doom, Xenecrite, Stay Puft.
-Highly updated textures, bump maps, specular maps, glowing effects, etc -BREAKS CONSISTENCY due to glowing (Use offline or on 0-consistency servers)
Version: 1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 04/21/13
Released: 04/21/13
Author: Emperor Doom, Xenecrite, Stay Puft
Publisher: Emperor Doom
File: - improved slimer boomer -.vpk  
Size: 1.65MB
Last Updated: 04/21/13   Version: 1  (Complete)    
Не работает, к сожалению. Server is enforcing consistency... А модель отличная. Good work!
is this a own mod or do we need the normal slimer boomer for this to work ?
in the last picture he looks like hes going HIGH FIVE bro
Can you add a photo where the boomer has exploded? :B
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