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Mars Base Alpha 2013 created by Silko.
Discover the secrets of the base in order to escape! This campaign was made by the Blighty Clan from the United Kingdom. This campaign was made for a clan member named Elmo as a welcome home present after his 1 year tour of duty in Afghanistan from 2010 - 2011. Thanks for your service Elmo!
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 06/07/13
Released: 06/07/13
Author: Silko
Publisher: Herbius
Maps: 7/7
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: mars base alpha.vpk  
Size: 126.15MB
Mode: Co-Op, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
Last Updated: 06/07/13   Version: 1.0  (Final)    
Interesting campaign, I like the space theme. This campaign is interesting for the one and only passage to god 1. After that it can be safely sent to the trash.
Where do i start. First of all. way too many tanks at the beginning of the map. Second everytime when a door opens is a horde about to attack. And Thirth. bad weapons at the start. I've been playing this map on easy mode with a mate. And it aint fun at all.
-Difficult -Lots of fun with friends who know how to aim
-Ugly -Repetitive -Pushing any button gets you punished -Finale is broken -A map entirely based on grabbing fresh M60's to kill tanks with so many throwables and items that it's really just a boring marathon that's only difficult if you're rushing like a bum -Confusingly structured
The way this map is put together is possibly very neat. But everything else about it is downright bad. It's not that it's too difficult, it's that the difficulty is piled on so high that you need T2's and M60's to get passed it, then it becomes laborious rather than difficult, as all you can do is trudge through the map holding M1 and S every time a tank spawns. Throwables a plenty so there's no reason to be afraid of the horde, but again it just become monotonous and boring. And the finale is completely broken. You fight the two finale tanks before you can hit the finale button. Not sure how any of that is SUPPOSED to work, but when you do hit the button it says rescue is coming but the door to the train never opens making all the monotonous effort we went through to complete the game pointless, thus resulting in a 1/10
-Good ideas -Many hordes -A lot of supplies
-Too many hordes -Too many tank at the same time (fun... but just a moment...) -Boring architectures -Some bugs
The basic idea was very interesting. However, the overall architecture is quite boring, at moments tiring, and other really annoying. But this is only a personal opinion. The problem is that there are too many hordes, too many specials, popping up anywhere at the slightest movement, at the slightest action. Sometimes there are so many zombies that they're making bugs on the doors who remain ajar. Sometimes a tank appears in the middle of a room, like that ... The maze should be more difficult. This is just my opinion. Good ideas, but some could be reworked...
Screenshot 6 - Seriously? Graffiti on Mars? You gotta be kidding me.
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