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Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead is a singleplayer and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game.
Installing Left 4 Dead Mods - The Easy Way
Modding Left 4 Dead isn't easy, and neither is installing the mods
So, have you ever wanted to install a mod that you really REALLY liked, but to find out you couldn't get it working in Left 4 Dead 1? Well, today I am going to teach you how to install mods into Left 4 Dead and make Left 4 Dead more user friendly to mods (to a point)
Step 1: Unpacking the Main VPK
Now, this step kinda requires many steps, but it's easy once you know what you're doing.

Step 1.1:
Download GCFScape, you will need this to even extract the VPK.

Step 1.2:
Open up the VPK "Pak01_Dir.VPK" found in your "Left 4 Dead/left4dead" (which is found in "Steam/SteamApps/Common")
Step 1.3:
Extract it into your Left 4 Dead folder "left4dead"
Step 1.4:
Exit out of the VPK and rename it from "Pak01_Dir" to something else, like: "Pak01_Dira"

If you're in need of hard drive space, delete all of the VPK files found in the root. We won't be overwriting any files in the "left4dead" folder.
Step 2: Making a mod folder for Left 4 Dead
This step also has more than one step, but less than the top one.

Step 2.1:
Make a "left4dead_Mods" folder in the root where your "left4dead" and "left4dead_dlc3" folder sits.
(Disclaimer: There's a lot of language folders in the directory of Left 4 Dead, I hid them so you can see the main folders.)
Step 2.2:
Go into the GameInfo.txt inside of "left4dead" and add in "Game				left4dead_mods" under "SearchPaths"
Step 3: Installing a Mod
Obviously, since you just made a mods folder, it's going to be empty, like this:
But obviously, you're gonna install mods.

As an example, I'm going to install a recent port I did of the Aftermath Zoey.
Step 4: Testing it
Now that you've installed the mod, it's time to test if everything is working fine.

So, now it's time to launch up Left 4 Dead!
Step 5 (only if the mod didn't work): Finding out what went wrong
Sometimes stuff may break, so here's somethings to look into

Addons folder VPKs:
I haven't tested if these work with this method, if it doesn't, just move it over to the "left4dead" folder or unpack it into the "left4dead_mods" folder.

Forgot to remove Pak01_Dir:
Check to be sure you renamed Pak01_Dir or removed it with the rest of the VPKs.

Renamed files:
Now, a lot of mods provide renamed files to edit the Pak01_Dir.VPK, no idea if these renames will cause any issues within this method, if it does, you may need to hex edit their names back to normal.
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RandyTheBoi 4 weeks ago
I've Got My Copy From Steam,But i get the backround error. Help!
fingeriteloo last month
the second method doesnt work though
OnyxCobra95 February 2017
why is it so complicated for l4d 1 but not l4d 2, all you have to do is copy the file you download and paste it in your add ons folder for l4d 2. also this is what i did for l4d 1 when i downloaded the dam it map and that worked just like in l4d 2, why are skins and other stuff different ?
Theuaredead` last month
locked to the main VPK
sergey979 2 weeks ago
surely you can exctract content from all vpk files and write sv_consistency 0 in console, which not required sv_cheats 1, for possibility launch campaign, but in this case are possible play only on local server
sergey979 2 weeks ago
means impossible :)
LittleCockney December 2016
Did the samething like extracting and renaming, but game just crushed N'showed that sth is wrong with the loading of the background....mabe its a problem with the edition of game? BTW thx for the guide!
Theuaredead` last month
You're likely running a pirated version of Left 4 Dead.
RandyTheBoi 2 weeks ago
Did you do The "gameinfo.txt" Part? If no then you must do it.
SixX92 September 2016
edit: seems to work fine now....don't why why....maybe because i used to drag and drop files from pak dir to l4d folder while now i did like in the guide....right click and extract (?)
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