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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Random Facts (L4D2)
Here's some facts about EEEVVVVERRRRYYYYYTHIINNNGGGAAH!!!!!!! (not really... In L4D2)

Fact 1
Tank doesn't seem to have a head. Even though he had one. Maybe it's because of a very heavy mutation, causing the head to be very tough! As tough as steel i think. Every time you shoot his head will deal the same amount of damage as the damage from other bodyparts.

Fact 2
The best weapon for beating the Tank is an M60. I think it's a really rare item...

Fact 3
There has been a known fact that Louis also knows L4D2. You can see it from my previous guide "Top 5 Facts about Louis"

Fact 4
Zoey can tell a story once. Just like what Ellis does everytime! This one can be seen fro my previous guide "Top 3 Facts about Zoey"

Fact 5
There has been a "Dark Carnival" easter egg where Ellis says "something has taught me in videogames, weird shit always happens in vents" which does happen right? It's like a Half-Life reference.

Fact 6
From the first campaign "Dead Center", the survivors takes place in Savannah. Which does where "TWD Season 1 Game" and TWD Season 2 Game" takes place. Does the developer of this game really likes TWD?

Fact 7
You can see Heavy from TF2 from the cereal box from a L4D1 map called "No Mercy". Although, it's so small, you needed atleast a sniper rifle to see Heavy.

Fact 8
Francis is the most dumbest "hates everything" survivor. You can find him annoying and stupid when you and the others are trying to find a sailboat.

Fact 9
Fans have been making fanarts of Nick and Ellis being very good friends. Either true or false since both of them can help each other. Nick does says "Watever" sometimes when you said "Thanks" to him (only if Nick gave you pills or adrenaline)

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NudesPls69 October 2017
hey dont talk shit about francis. February 2017
And where are facts about Bill? WTF
fingeriteloo September 2016
and also wandering witches don't get startled by flashlight
DarkWolfSFM June 2016
Fact 6 has a mistake... Turtle Rock and Valve have nothing to connect with Telltale's TWD... It also has no reference to the other game... L4D2 started in Savannah for a good start that they gone through lots of infected in just one week to get to New Orleans... And that was it... Fact 8: False since Francis isn't dumb, he is just like Ellis, trying to keep the team's emotions at bay... :)
fingeriteloo October 2016
thought that was louis