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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Play A Scavenge, Versus, Survival, etc in Singleplayer
How to play Scavenge, Versus, Survival, etc only in Singleplayer
To play Scavenge, Versus, Survival and everything from Left 4 Dead 2 only in Singleplayer use. Read all the steps below and you might understand. Pay attention for it.

Step One: Open a console in-game and choose a map <mapname><mode> (ex. map c1m1 hotel versus) and type the "sv_cheats 1"
Step Two: While the sv_cheats 1 is enabled. Type "sb_all bot team 1" to prevent the server to shutdown the mode.
Step Three: After typing for it. Type "sb_l4d1_survivor_behavior" set to 1.
If you don't have that cheat on your game, type the following below to make the survivor bots move to their safe room:
sb_move set to 1
sb_escort set to 1
sb_move_to_cursor set to 1
If you type the step three and the bots won't making an action, restart the mode and the bots will now move and you're good to go.

Unfortunately, some bots may have been stuck in the place while they're moving to their destination. Luckily, i found a way how they can unstuck to the place where they standing and can't move by teleporting them elsewhere. It's very easy to do that by placing your crosshair below to the ground and type in the console "warp_all survivor_here".

That's all
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chaulovetran May 2017
I type all codes but sb didn't work, they just stand still and do nothing !!
SniperPro20222 March 2017
Nice guide But what has it sense when most of people plays online instead singleplayer?
kooler1 April 2017
hell, i play off line most of the time