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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
How to avoid the Witch
Avoiding Disturb the Witch
Have you been always disturbing the Witch whenever you see her in any places. You see. The Witch is very fast to move than survivors. Also, you're trying to get away from her and keeps chasing you until you're dead. So let me support you there how to avoid the witch. I have a few solution here below. Pay attention to it.

1. If you saw a Witch when you're moving to your destination. Try to find another way to avoid her. Sometimes you can't find some alternate way to avoid her. So you would need to startled her to clear your way. Before you startled her. You may need to get far away from her because you see the witch is fast better than you.

2. The Scream of the Witch can attract sometimes a horde of zombies. So if the witch chasing you and the zombies trying to block your way. Shove the zombes away from you and focus where you going. Don't look at the back. Just keep running off the witch. You can shoot her if you have a chance. So be careful for it.

3. If the Witch has standing and moving up somewhere. You have a chance to avoid her. But don't get too close to her or you may startled her. Keep pressure on her cry. If the dialog appear "Witch Groans Softly" The Witch saw all of you before she groans totally. So you need to get away from her quick. If the dialog appear again "Witch Groans" This means the witch has someone p*ssed her off and beginning  who disturb her totally. "Witch Groans - Loud" This means now the witch is really angry. So it will start to attack now.

4. If you're using bile bomb/molotov/pipe bomb everywhere, but if there's a witch. It will automatically disturb her. So you need to hear her cry first before you throw any throwable items. I already do this and i didn't know that there's a witch when i'm using bile bomb only.

That's all.
That's everything I know.
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Blancella last month
Or you can instally kill witch with you tier 2 shotgun. Shoot right to her back and she will die instantly. Flaslight must be off because if you turn it on, your distance is almost closer to her and target right her with flashlight on, she will easily notice you. If you use sniper, shoot her head, she will push back and her health maybe decrease much That things will help you a lot.
HardRave May 2017
I Love Witch, that's why i always distrub her... hehe...
Monsho March 2017
Thanks for writing a guide about Witch. Even tho I believe there's also many other guides in the web, your effort is appreciated.
Johnny_Dave March 2017
Thanks for your kind words.