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How To Fix Vomit On Legs
Step 1: Go to your Left 4 Dead directory.
Step 2: Go to left4dead/materials/models/survivors/
Step 3: Pick the survivor you want to fix first.
Step 4: Download "VTFEdit".
Step 5: Open up "survivorname"_color.vmt with "VTFEdit".
Step 6: Highlight first 3 lines; the first line should be "vertexlitgeneric".
Step 7: Right click and paste this code!

"include" "materials/models/survivors/survivors_it_shared.vmt"
Step 8: Save and open up Left 4 Dead!
Step 9: Get puked on by a Boomer and enjoy the realism!
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fingeriteloo November 2017
somehow i think this just puts blood on the survivor legs and it will be on it no matter what
EllisTheHorseLover123 November 2017
Anyways, this doesn't work, I have no idea to be SURE it works, since vomit covers my screen, but I can sometimes see through the vomit through the tiny holes, and see it isn't working.
EllisTheHorseLover123 July 2017
I hope the puke on the survivor arms are restored..