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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Single Player - Expert Tips
Additional tips for the single player who want to make the zombies and special killer more challenging
Many people playing single player in expert is now more challenging than others. I have a little tips want to say for Expert. I tried to play Expert for the first time and it was more challenging. It's likely a Realism, but not much

Special Infected
As for special infected. The attacks on survivor is more than the other difficulties. Jockey Ride damage is 12 or 14. Zombie horde damage is 10 per hit. Smoker Tongue damage is 24. Spitter goo damage is 2 when staying longer, it will multiply to 2. Hunter Pounce damage is 23 per hit. Charger Pound damage is 50. Boomer is still the same but it will attract 50 common infected. And the worst is the Witch and Tank. The Witch will kill you instantly. But you can't incapacitated. The tank can incapacitate you if you've been punch or hit by rock. The Tank pound damage is now kill you instantly

Friendly Fire
Survivors can hit each other by weapons. But the damage is 24 or higher, depends on your weapon you're holding. The worst weapon that can incapacitate survivors is Grenade Launcher. M60 damage is 42 per hit.

That's all. Its only my first time I play expert on single player. And that's everything I experienced.
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mauro9523 June 2017
For your first time in the expert there are things that are wrong and I could correct them: Smoker: Deals 30 damage when I take a survivor. Boomer: Basically the boomer when it vomits attracts to the horde mob that consists in 30 maximum and 10 minimum, 50 in mega mob and limit that can generate are 30. And causes 20 in claw. Hunter: Deals 15 damage at a slightly faster interval that is severely dangerous. And it causes 40 claw damage. Spitter: I do not take much into account its damage but how much time in the acid can even incapacitarte having 100% health. Jockey: Deals 12 damage when riding a survivor. Charger: Cause 15 damage when you grab a survivor and never change him for difficulty, always his damage will be the same. Tank: Obviously it can achieve incapacitating of a blow either by fist, rock and objects that throw. Even kill you with two blows in incapacitation. Witch: She will kill instantly and also can kill you in one fell swoop in incapacitation. (Only expert, advanced and normal can not) Common Infected: They cause 20 damage in front and 10 back, and 10 damage in incapacitation. This just so that you already have it in mind and know that damage really causes. I know because I've noticed the console and tried it even more. And good luck on expert!
Johnny_Dave June 2017
Now I know now the damages of special infected. I made a little mistake. Thanks for this.
mauro9523 June 2017
No problem!!!