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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Want Some Mods From Steam But Can't Download It?Here Is The Way You Can Download L4D2 Mods From Steam!(Non-Steam Version)
Now,its more way cooler!
Hey,Guys,what's up?Today,I will bring you good news for who those can't download l4d2 mods from steam.

Well,i know this from youtube.Some youtuber told to me,if you can't download from steam because your l4d2 version is non-steam,you can visit this website:
This picture will show you how to do it! 
-Don't Worry,I already test it to my L4D2 and its 100% working!
-If the mods didn't work,don't blame me,ok?
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MarseanM 2 weeks ago
How if the file is not vpk?
Blancella Yesterday
depends,bro.if you find the files don't have vpk on last name,you can rename it to vpk or if someone download the mod from phone,the file name will be "Downloadfile.bin".You need 7zip app (for android)to rename the bin to vpk.
Blancella Yesterday
some time the file name doesn't appear like i just download a new hud but when i download it,the name just etc56.All you need just change the name into what mod you downloaded and don't forget after finishing naming,put .vpk at the end of word
grunter 2 weeks ago
i cant download
Blancella 2 weeks ago
hmmm,sometime i also can't download but i have one way to download it.wait until the internet connection strong,refresh the page,put the link,press the download and BOOM! its download
Blancella 3 weeks ago
Yeah,sometime i also like that.first download is downloadfile.bin and i change the file into vpk and it work.that thing kinda make me frustate (@mahgawd) your welcome xXRocklolxX :) that way is old scholl y'know Eddi3.
xXRocklolxX 3 weeks ago
Thank you very much friend, it helped me a lot
Mahgawd 3 weeks ago
Sometimes it download a file that's called "download". To fix this, rename the file and add .vpk at the end