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This was not plan, I like to first thank BoomerSTEAM for porting the SCAR to l4d1. This came as a pure accident, and only happen because of th...
4 hours ago
M4A1 replaces m16 Original author: arby26 events take site gamebanana.
Installation instructions are included in the download <b>FEATURES</b> • New transition screens for all gamemodes • New s...
This vpk contains the texture only. To use this, extract the FN-SCAR mod ported by BoomerSTEAM for l4d1 with GCFScape. Replace the vanilla tex...
Santa moon replaces original moon. Original author: Tя!cky.
Zoey Concept Bandanad Original autor: Spiderm4N Skins works with Reskin and model arby26 teenangst zoey(no hair)
L4D1 Hud_550_v3 Read the changelog for installing this mod
3 days ago
thanks to dani1341 for telling me that L4D2 L4D1 Viewmodels also work with l4d1! For installing/editing please read changelog it also works w...
Hello everyone! This is the beta radial menu, how it used to be like in 2007 version and the early 2008 version of Left 4 Dead, but then Valve...
4 days ago
This mod hiding interface(ammo, lives, teamlives, progressbar). Still glow on. Names on. No progressbar when healing/reviving. Designed for ha...
5 days ago
Thanks to dani for L4D2 L4D1 viewmodels which works with l4d1! For pak01_dir editing read CHANGELOG! MAKE SURE YOU SND_REBUILDAUDIOCACHE OR A...
For those who wanted the beta/original sounds for the 'Original Boomer inspiried' Or just wanna have Beta on their games
1 weeks ago
This is The original Inspiried Boomer! Please note: I will upload a for pak dir user soon, So extract your pak dir then rename it then put the...
1 weeks ago
The Left 4 Dead 2007 Beta weapon sounds! I do not take credit! It was originally made by Turtle Rocks and remade by [DSC] Xeno and some other ...
L4D1 Hunter replaces Bill. Read the changelog for installing this mod with HUD icons
2 weeks ago
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