July 2013
Overall this mod gets added to my list of " Totally must have maps" along with Suicide blitz 2, IhateMountains2 and Warcelona
A pack of three reskins. -Desert Storm M4 Super -Desert Storm M19 BlackFox -Desert Storn MSG90 HUGE CREDIT goes to arby26 for the base textur...
Author Enzocool98/ARBY26
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Weapons Weapon Packs
October 2011
What can i say? More awesome skins i wonder how you guys do it lol, Keep up the pro work. MAKE MORE!
September 2011
This is 1 of the best maps i have ever played, I love the detail and work you guys put into this. Its maps like these is the reason i got Left 4 dead 2 for the PC. Your guys maps and extra content...