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updates coming soon

Im back as of 3/29/12 Yay Not a Mapper anymore
Location Raccoon City
My Mods
Left 4 Dead 2 11 mods
A nice new feel of HOD2 music for L4D2 only replaced and YES i made this my self -Death -Safe -Ending -Tank Music by SEGA
August 2011
A new skin for the Ak47, blah blah its better than the original one Credit to Starshadow76
A simple switch from the witch to the new witch bride.. enjoy, Credit to Pajama911
A skin for the pistol that makes the pistol look like a STARS pistol
A new and better looking skin for our favorite infected Made by Handsome Dan
A sound pack for the hunter that makes gir sounds, very funny :D
The mod will replace all L4D2 survivors Coach Nick Ellis Rochelle with MW2 characters First person model arms are changed to MW2 look. enjoy ...
[WATCH THE VIDEO] This will be used in my RE 2 Map :D Credit goes to ZeqMacaw,Capcom,plasmid,Cavia, ifatallityyx. Btw couldnt upload actual p...
Decided to also share this mod which will also be in my map. :) Credit to MrLanky Cupcake Capcom
The resident evil S.T.A.R.S hand gun the Famous Samurai Edge Custom By MrLankey, Skins by Tribalizer <----- HE IS AWESOME!!!
blah blah a model of hunk replaces ellis lol enjoy, CREDIT to MrLankey/CUPCAKE and of course CAPCOM
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GameMaps Member Directory ifatallityyx