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4 Maps
FINAL VERSION!!! Add: medkits, HL2 character model, T2, medical center, more pills, custom textures. The bridge is down, what now? Well there'...
Author xsound
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Map Night 2) Average
May 2011
The level design was good but the overall visual design seemed somewhat lacking in some regards, particularly towards the end where the lighting became more or less static. The bots can be somewhat...
This is a port of the Ravenholm maps from Half Life 2. Note: This is NOT original work, all I did was modify some areas to be suitable for Le...
Author Valve ported by warplane11
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 3) Hard Player Mode
March 2011
While not entirely an original location, it is a successfully and faithfully transited set of maps and plays well from beginning to end; kudos for making it connected and playable.
*Do not use this version in Left 4 Dead 2** After a helicopter crash into a city just freshly hit by the infection. The survivors see glimpses...
Author Keldorn
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Map Day 2) Average
June 2011
What can I say? This is one of the campaigns I'd miss if I got stuck with the Xbox version.
Survivors must make their way through an infected city to escape the zombie apocalypse. Official conversion for ...
Author R.T. Frisk
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Map Night 3) Hard
April 2011
Awesome. Awesome. The quality in this campaign is one that helps set the bar for L4D custom campaigns should aspire to be, or at least attempt to best. One of the best custom campaigns availa...
A quick script made to make it easier for you all to switch from 1st person to 3rd and vice versa. Based off the autoexec config from Ubtri bl...
Author Splinks
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Scripts gameplay
September 2011
Since it's not a fully implemented feature in the engine, the author cannot be faulted for errors in the use of it; for instance, the shotguns sounds don't work because Valve didn't code it to. Thi...
Version 3 RELEASED! Survivors are stranded in Transsylvania. Go through the forest and the mansion to reach the escape boat! This campaign is ...
Author Dr.Boo
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Seasonal Halloween Night 2) Average Rainy Player Mode
April 2011
This campaign, while not downright scary, is appropriately detailed and suits the Left 4 Dead world; it's a nice touch that the Author managed to get some custom vocal content for the campaign back...
Survivors got stuck in a mysterious research facility. This campaign is about randomness and some traps. I started making this campaign out of...
Author Nihilanth
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night Difficulty 4) Expert Player Mode traps
April 2011
With the random weapon drops and select amounts of fuel canisters to go around, the general replayability of this set of puzzles and hazards is through the roof for a custom campaign; a real plus i...
Makes the default chainsaw sounds quieter so you can actually hear yourself think.
Author XD001
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Audio Weapon
September 2011
I'm adding this review because, well, you have earned my aural gratitude. Don't need to go deaf for video game content. Because it meets its simple goal with a minimally sized vpk and so far has...
A highly experimental gameplay project and I already know it could be better. Players must build, construct, and research items, weapons, and ...
Author Rimrook
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Dusk 3) Hard Player Mode research build
May 2011
The rocket is … made of corrugated iron? Oh well. Having read the changelog update as of 22/05/2011, I'm excited. A new desk for prop building from junk, and player selected prop dropping! Ma...