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updates coming soon

I am Nickolas Cat, i make preview video's for sound/animation mods and am a huge fan of Touhou, (Cirno is the strongest) i am also learning animating so expect to see something from me in the future, for my steam profile, click the view website button
Location Gensokyo
My Mods
Left 4 Dead 2 3 mods
I was playing Portrait of Ruin and felt like Destroyer was an excellent track for the tank, i then decided to make the finale tank something d...
March 2013
This mod replaces the Tank music with the Boss Battle music from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time The title is something i came up with randomly
June 2012
This is a mod that replaces the Tank's lines with several Egoraptor quotes This was made by ChronoTerminus on youtube, i converted this to a v...
June 2012
My Videos

GameMaps Member Directory Nickolas