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I'm not a professional modder (cause I'm not a great coder but i don't know the l4d2 code, but dead island i can mod miner thongs such as ammo capacity) i only make sound mods so enjoy!
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YES THIS IS A SONG FROM MY LITTLE PONY. But it was a simple request from a good friend and i couldn't let him down. so i made it and it turned out well it plays perfectly in game. But please don't flame this if your anti brony. It works for l4d1 too.Rights to the song belong to Daniel Ingrum
March 2012
*NOTE* I DID NOT MAKE THIS!! I take no credit, I found this mod on another site and Thought it was a funny mod, so im putting it up here. The original author is [WATD]Vexed. If there is any bugs dont complain to me because im not the author so i can do nothing about it... ENJOY!
August 2011
It adds 5 more extra radial menus alongside the original 2 i will take any suggestions is anyone wants a custom version pm me In order to get the 5 extra menus you need to enter these commands into console bind c '+mouse_menu CustomMenu1' bind v '+mouse_menu CustomMenu2' bind b '+mouse_menu Custo...
February 2013
This is a alternative to the classic music played apon death. I cant really add a sound screenshot but if i can find free recording software i will make a video. If you want different music i will add apon request.
July 2011
this changes most of the music played in the game, it switched them to the music of the 28 weeks album
July 2011
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GameMaps Member Directory seth177