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Left 4 Dead rocks. So does Highschool of the dead and zombieland. - Died in L4D (not returning) -
Location Australia
My Mods
Left 4 Dead 2 3 mods
Zoey has been infected but she is a carrier so she won't turn into zombie. All I did was Upload the mod. **Alters the head only** Can be used with clothing mods for Zoey
August 2012
Zoey has become infected but luckily she is a carrier so she will not turn. What I did is merge a Blonde hair mod (K1CHWA) and the infected eye mod (Singe) together. So credit for the textures themselves should go to the actual creators. **Alters the head only** Works with most clothing mods
August 2012
Contains a meltdown gutair replacing the gutair. Known issue: -Online play with weird animation. -Vocaloid and Items trademark (c) Crypton future inc. esUdin did not make it, XenoAisam made it.
April 2012

GameMaps Member Directory esUdin