Snooping (._.)l hey im duckay but who cares \_(._.)_/
The finale Beta Smoker , AKA Gas Zombie ( in the very early development ) . Me and CHRISwin7 are actually trying to bring back the old animati...
Author Disapear/CHRISwin7/TR
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Mod Infected Smoker
By duckay
February 2013
Originally submitted by Revenant100, I'm simply porting it over from L4D to L4D2 in VPK format. Also credit to JayXsane for his L4D2 port of t...
Author Revenant100/JayXsane/K.Tastrophe
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Infected Boomer
By duckay
July 2012
You have failed Mad4mods96/CHRISwin7's is better but it is good so ill give it a 5.9 (._.)b good job