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*beta* its just a beta release of what should come out as a reasonable skin, body by arby, camo and vest by k1chwa, and coloring by me! :D new pictures havent been uploaded yet but ill try to get em up when i can
February 2012
another remake of K1chwa's camo, head is included though
February 2012
a remake of K1chwa's coach camo with vest body, but recolored also only body btw enjoy!
February 2012
body only of the origional
February 2012
a remake of K1chwa's zoey body_acu w vest, or, red camo zoey lol much shorter :D . iall i did here was a simple recolor all or most of the credit should go to K1chwa. p.s. for the sexy zoey undershirt part im not sure of the real author so if im told ill add em to credit more will be uploaded soon
February 2012
a remake of k1chwa's Ana zoey, some tweaks need fixing here and there, but ive been waiting to release. Of course thx to splinks, without his help i can't mod, or atleast attept to mod lol........This mod is the classic zoey, but with a darker or 'tanner' skin tone, complete with makeup and custom w...
December 2011
A reversion of Meryl's Sexy Rochelle skin re-modified by Wolfian, edited by Splinks, screenshots and icons also edited by Splinks, Rochelle barely surviving a zombie mob, you can find update 2 and 3 in the Raided Rochelle's folder. *News* a new skin will be made of the raided rochelle, it will be li...