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Welcome to my profile!
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Left 4 Dead 2 8 mods
Replaces a shit ton of zombie sound files to the Mann Brothers from the Team Fortress 2 Halloween event Scream Fortress 2013.
last month
I've edited Batman's Batman Coach into the Dark Knight cause the original doesn't fit for me. The yellow bat logo really bothers me, but I've ...
I've put the Spiderman Hunter skin in MrLanky's Hunter for Coach so it'll be more fun to play with!
There was a skin in gamebanana back then, but until it was removed. But found a website to download it and I reskin it to look like Spidey. T...
This mod took me 1 day to complete, but it works though. Anyway, this is Leopold Slikk (Known as the Angry German Kid) who is now turned into ...
July 2012
This is my Spiderman Concert mod for the Dark Carnival finale! Midnight Ride: Spectacular Spiderman theme Midnight Ride Tank: Spidey VS Shoc...
July 2012
A custom menu mode texture I made with Spiderman..
June 2012
Well here's the model! This replaces the Jockey's voice and model. Now where gonna be dead soon!
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GameMaps Member Directory ErichGrooms1