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Registered: 02/2012 Gender: Male Location: Mercy Hospital
I am SmokerSolution and I am new to L4D editing. I really enjoy it though!
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Left 4 Dead 2 2 maps
To spawn them in maps, place any weapon entity and change the entity class name to a CSS weapon script. (EG. weapon_rifle_desert_spawn to weapon_rifle_ssg552 and ERASE THE WORD 'SPAWN'!!) The weapon needs to be sent through a trigger_transition or changelevel to do damage.
A map set in my high school, historic Denfeld High School! This is made by a 17 year old and is meant to impress my friends, not be the BEST campaign ever out there. You won't understand this map fully unless you actually go to this school in person. This is what the school currently looks like in 2...
January 2014
4/7 maps
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Left 4 Dead 2 7 mods
Changes the Midnight Riders concert songs and decorations to Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Roll. This mod was going to be exclusive to me, but I may as well share it with the online community. Songs: Sprach Zarathustra/CC Rider Proud Mary Tank themes: Big Boss Man Tiger Man
June 2013
Trying out the Rayman1103 thing, currently doesn't work WITH Rayman1103's Mutation Mod or anything with population.txt/gamemodes.txt, unless somebody 'stitched' them together. All these mutations are added to the main menu as well. Bound to be updated very much with new mutations. CURRENT MUTATION...
Charger uses the Mortal Kombat fighter Raiden's torpedo scream when he charges. When he dies, it also says 'Fatality!' Sound only, not a skin.
September 2012
Still a WIP, not fully done, for instance, I have to amplify the jukebox music.
July 2012
This mod adds snow to the L4D2 campaigns! It does NOT affect L4D1 campaigns. Very simple mod, just replaces most L4D2 ground textures with a snow texture. More Christmas add-ons are coming including a music/main menu mod, common infected skins, special infected skins, and L4D2 survivor skins.
July 2012
Replaces the boomer with Peter Griffin, the half-retarded father from Family Guy. Includes FPS arm skin, voice, and normal skin.
August 2012
This mod makes the Hunter do the infamous chocolate scream from Spongebob. Very simple mod, not sure if other hunter mods will work with this one. It is sound only, no model.
July 2012
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