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I've returned to l4dmaps. You can find my latest work here or on the Steam Workshop.
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Left 4 Dead 2 7 mods
Zombie Run is a gamemode similar to deathrun, made to work using L4D2's mechanics. The survivors have to run through the course and wait for the rescue helicopter, while being chased by zombies. The Special Infected ARE the traps. They have to set up ambushes along the path. The survivors have to be...
August 2013
In this co-op mutation, you have to make your way through this horde of 'biters'. When you get bitten, you start bleeding out. Not only that, but zombies love the smell of blood. They get buffed when you're bitten, so clean your wound quickly. A new gene was introduced, giving immunity to bites. It...
August 2013
It's just like Team Fortress 2! King of the Hill is a fast-paced 8-player competitive gamemode, similar to the one in TF2. Its goal is to contrast the slow gameplay of versus, while still being fun. The four survivors must get to the point and all four of them have to be standing near the point unt...
October 2013
There's no time for friends in this apocalypse. No special infected spawn, but there's a lot more common infected. You spawn with a pack of pain pills and a melee weapon. Good luck. This mutation can be accessed through the main-menu.
August 2013
Back to the good ol' days. Hunting zombies with shotguns, blunt and homemade objects you would find in your garage. Only common infected spawn, and they hit much harder. The only weapons are pistols, pump shotguns, molotovs, pipe bombs, melee weapons and chainsaws. You start with a shotgun, baseball...
December 2012
Weapons of Mass-Dismemberment. Infinite Ammo, and your choice of M60s, Grenade Launchers, Infinite Fuel Chainsaws, and Magnums. It's like mega Gib Fest. There's much more infected, and they hit a lot harder. Place the wmd.vpk in your addon folder, and make sure there are no other .vpk files in the ...
December 2012
A survival mutation. You are given baseball bats, adrenaline, and healing items. Only Chargers and the occasional Tanks spawn. Your goal: Level as many Chargers as you can, before they get a chance to level you. The Charger cap has been raised to 15. Place the batter up.vpk in your addon folder, an...
December 2012