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AMD FX 8320 3,5GHz; 8,00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTx 770
Location good old germany
My Maps
Left 4 Dead 2 4 maps
Vpk contains two map versions, day and night, both with own light environment, fog and soundscape. Have fun with our new melee weapon, the sha...
September 2013
Inspired by Kylemore Gothic Church and Rotenberg mausoleum. Map is still under construction and beta status.
April 2013
Small detailed Villa with custom models, melee weapon, textures/skins and Jukebox music. M60 with 750 bullets and chainsaw x5 more fuel. (mak...
August 2013
Stripclub with parking lot und back alley. Contains custom textures, some models. Supports scavenge and survival game mode.
October 2010

GameMaps Member Directory Dr.Med.Wurst