Hey guys! If you want me to try out your map(s), send me a link and I'll tell you what I think! Hey! Don't just sit there, check out my maps too! :D
New by TW1STaL1CKY
This is Mcdonald's. 'Defend' from inside the restaurant, or die. <<< .........L4D1 Survival MEDICAL SUPPORT + UFO MADNESS AT 10 MIN UPDATED to...
Author MonsterShit, Jkratyo
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Map Night 2) Average
October 2010
Great map to play! But, just be careful on the roof. X)
The stages take place in Japan. maybe near US army base or inside. You have to struggle against not only zombies but every single steps you ta...
Author H(eiti)
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Map Night 2) Average Single Player (Bots)
October 2010
A very good and well done campaign. I got stuck on the 4th map and had to get a friend to help. :) Worth downloading. *thumbs up*