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Moddin' a good Job Mate. Ill make stuff for you.
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Left 4 Dead 2 8 mods
These our 2 new sniper scopes for The Hunting Rifle and The Military Semi-auto Sniper rifle. This Will work the The Css Weapons Such as the Sniper scout and the other 2 snipers. Also Works For the assault rifle With a Scope too. AND THERE YOU JERKS I GAVE CREDIT SHUT UP!
This changes the ingame blood to something more real. it drips and drops and even works on the Sp's and zombies.
October 2011
this makes ellis look Camo-style and it come with tat's and New facial Look making him look meaner and has New First Person Mode and Has Facial Movements fallen Pics to.
October 2011
This is a Re-skin of the Hunter making him White and with black pants.
August 2011
This is A Mike Tyson Tattoo For Coach it only replaces His Head with a Tattoo not his skin our anything. it will work as long as you can see his face
August 2011
I dont own this is JayXsane I didn't mod this our anything i am just posting this here becasue i noticed that there isn't alot of infected mods here so here you go. This a skin and Sound pack Copy Paste this to your Steam/SteamApps/Common/L4d2/l4d2/Addons and check it in your addons in game.
August 2011
this is Tank Mod music from Super Mario 64 Bowser Tank Music Just copy Paste to you l4d2 addons and open it and it sould work if not update your Snd_cache in the console Also the author is Unknow i dont know who he our she is and if they choose to please take for this mod Ive made it louder.
October 2011
This is a Jockey skin. I got this idea from The Resident Evil infected Pack coming out soon Hope you like it
October 2011
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2 Ellis Skin Mod 09/10/11