Hi all, I am new to steam and I'm looking to make friends to share leisure time playing Left 4 Dead 2, one of my many favorite games, in itself, if you know you can learn a little about me on my youtube channel aikobengotzu .
July 2011
Beautiful design, only repaired without expression on his face. I would like more to Ellis. Sorry for my bad English.
The Midnight Riders were set to play here before the outbreak. Located in South Texas, survivors must escape this zombie infested concert venu...
Author Ro1and
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Dusk 2) Average Player Mode
July 2011
Conclusion is a campaign with a very original and different from the fair left, is very nice that there are "expanded" the end of the show and changed it beyond redemption. But as I said many bad ...
[WATCH THE VIDEO] This will be used in my RE 2 Map :D Credit goes to ZeqMacaw,Capcom,plasmid,Cavia, ifatallityyx. Btw couldnt upload actual p...
Author ZeqMacaw,Capcom,plasmid,Cavia, ifatallityyx
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Miscellaneous Gaming Survivors Rochelle resident evil
July 2011
Beautiful design, only repaired without expression on his face. No words, just that it's beautiful, sexy and almost equal to the 3D movie. Sorry for my bad English.
This campaign adds some spice and fun to the bland original L4D1 Crash Course DLC. New effects, talker / panic / finale scripts and a few (nas...
Author Valve/Advarp/SatanNuts
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 3) Hard Player Mode
September 2012
In short if you fix those errors would be great, especially in some areas such as the hill had coverage for the sniper, warning blasts come not bad. Repair robot navigation, them being too stupid g...
After being firebombed, the survivors must flee their safehouse, and find their way to safety. Identical to the workshop version. Supporte...
Author Rectus
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Time of day Dawn Dusk Night 3) Hard Weather Windy Foggy Player Mode skyscraper ems mutation
February 2011
Removing all the cons abovementioned repairing the error and the landing platform, I'd say it's an incredible campaign and worthy of valve, bone, if no one told me this campaign is a user I would h...
Now for 'Left4Dead 2'! They could take a look at the precious sights of Vienna, at the ancient catacombs, the famous recreation areas, or all ...
Author 44Vmapping
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D1 Survivors Night 2) Average Player Mode
February 2011
It's a pretty safe campaign that you liked, his maps are varied and apocalyptic, in many parts impressed you the details. The finish is quite good, though a little worn the idea of the helicopter....
'Apparently, The Ceda Team has an evacuation outpost setup at Ash Mountain...might as well head that way!' v3.0 is released now...thanks to ...
Author lordnitro
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 2) Average Snowy Player Mode
March 2011
In short, the scenarios are enormous and too long. At first it looked pretty cold weather, but after a few steps and a few things disappointed me throughout the game experience seemed tedious and ...
4/4 maps
'Pasiri' is japanese. It means it is made to run errands. This campaign has the cola event in each map. Requires L4D Add-on Support. I will r...
Author gori-pop
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Dusk Difficulty 4) Expert Foggy Player Mode
February 2011
My conclusion is that really worth downloading this campaign as it is beautiful, very funny, it has powerful moments, and then quiet moments. The maps are varied and original. It was very origina...
February 2011
Campaign would be very nice to play for Left 4 Dead 2. Everything was fine until the end that was very frustrating, even playing it on easy mode, I guess in expert mode, this campaign would be a s...