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Oceanhouse Hotel

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  • OWM2_M_B

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    After reading the description, I think it's an unfinished campaign that is impossible to receive any update.
    - Clear tips till the ending
    - Well ported
    - Items are spawned randomly
    - Bots won't follow you after you get down to the basement, which will prevent you complete the map. Why the author refused to fix the issue?
    - Part of a wall got no texture. The texture of part of a pipe are mixed up. A bed glows in the dark, Some props can't be effected by map lighting (they look dark if you turned off your flashlight).
    - Lazy ending 
    - No 3D skybox or something similar to help the map look better. You know, in an area, walls are broken and you can see the sky.
    - After the map ended, the game played credits instead of showing game states.
    - Completely no events
    - Too short
    - The ghost (I guess?) looked... funny. It hasn't got a suitable model XD

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