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    • kurochama

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      Good campaign to enjoy

      It's been awhile since last time I played this campaign. & I laughed as always when listening to gnome's insults on survivors. The supplies are well-provided, & it feels good to get good weapons since the beginning. The routes are clear, & there are fun features of riding truck & helicopter in certain map.
      Btw, the finale is always full of laughter. I loved the finale so much, as I often baited a tank into tornado & then I laughed hard seeing him keep twisting so fast. Well, this  campaign is still one of good campaigns I enjoy besides "Dead Island" & your other campaigns. I often played "Dead Island" when I wanted to play maps with puzzles & missions to finish.

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    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      So I stand by what I said about chapter 4, I would've made it even 5 minutes instead of 10, but as it stands, a bit too long of waiting around on chapter 4 for my tastes. Also had a bizzare glitch on chapter 2 where a smoker pulled me into the gate that was opening right at the start and I died.. I guess I collided with it a bunch or something idk. Other than that though I had no problems with it, an average difficulty campaign if I had to put a label, not too difficult but not too easy either. Map design is fine, nothing wrong about it but nothing exciting either. Love the goofs (talking specials &.. other things heh) they're a good laugh.  I see the rescue vehicle actually drives out to the parking lot, pretty sure that wasn't the case before, also makes it more of a hazard because of the tornados constantly flying about, we wont question how they didn't get ****** into the tornado after getting into the vehicle heheh. Fun campaign, worth a play. Love your work goanna.

      This review was posted before the latest release.

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