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      Nice to see this classic getting some love. A product of its time, being ported to L4D2 so early, there were missing models and sounds, it's almost like a different experience being able to see what was supposed to be there from the get-go, the jungle map is the most shocking I have to say. Still holds up even today.
      • That being said, I remember some of the first ports to many classic customs.
        Diputs, the Death Aboard author, was legit waiting for Last Stand to release so he could use the lighthouse model.
        But as far as missing models and sounds...
        I believe that was mostly just changes Valve made to the game around the time of The Passing, and not really the fault of any authors.
      • February 2013 judging by the workshop. However, of course it was originally long before that.
        June 2010 for the author's original official port.
        July 2009 seems to be the first public beta of the original L4D version.

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