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    • K_vo75

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      Defensive driving course, search, loot and survival. A journey back to (someone else's) home.

      What the creator brings us in Pesaro 4 is simply great, because in addition to continuing Pesaro's campaign saga, he brings us new gameplay, perhaps never seen before in L4D2. I'm a L4D2 player since 2011, and I haven't seen anything like that before. Sure, there are campaigns that also use vehicles, and base (house) fortification, but nothing that allows the player free exploration and full control of the vehicle. I've been following the creator's work for a while. I see your process of always bringing new things, be it the form of events, be it in audio-visual details, be it in gameplay. And all of us who also create campaigns know the difficulties and challenges of overcoming the limitations of L4D2. Something our friend Systane did with subtlety and audacity.
      And just like any other campaign, there are things that can be improved. After all, the community is full of ideas and constructive criticism that improve both the campaign and the perception of the campaign by the creator himself. I believe that when the community is united, with ideas and solutions for problem solving, things flow, are resolved and everyone wins. It's not worth it coming here and spewing criticism without examining the limitations of the entire map creation process. It's not simple, it's not easy. It takes time, work and dedication. I really love to see how some members of the community are engaged in this campaign, bringing extremely positive feedback.
      So play this campaign, but play with an open mind. Play respecting the limitations. Read the campaign description, which will clarify a lot and also direct you to more fluid gameplay. If you like the campaign, say thank you. If you don't like the campaign, say thank you too. After all, it's a job done for us with love and hard work.
      About the campaign, I believe that everything about it pleased me. I had a reall good time with my friends driving the Ape Piaggio. The controls are difficult, of course. But understand that the focus of the campaign is not vehicular exploitation. It's a journey. So respect Piaggio and everything will be fine. The distribution of items is fair, as well as the difficulty. I tried advanced, experienced, and then experienced realism. I didn't find difficulties in any of the maps, except for map 3, which could have something more when collecting healing materials. That aside, perhaps the hardest part is actually steering the Piaggio through the bumpy streets. hahaha
      The finale is, without a doubt, the strong point of the campaign. Because it gives purpose to all the other parts, in the sense of the narrated journey, and at the same time demonstrates the need to collect items that may seem banal, but which at the same time are extremely essential, such as, for example, the chemical toilet that I had to carry from the store. When it was loading I just thought about how funny it was, but then, stopping to think about it, I understood the logic of it all. I like the humorous details pinned here and there by the author. The scenarios are also a strong point, as well as the lighting and ambiance. I believe this campaign has immense potential for new projects. I'm sure the ideas the creator worked on in this campaign can be perfected over time. And as a creator, who knows the work that goes into creating something of this nature, I would like to congratulate you on the incredible work. Thanks, my friend.
      Here is my recommendation for all those who like to venture into new ideas.

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    • kurochama

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      Campaign with driving vehicle as the main feature

      Probably this is the first campaign (or second? I heard that "Glubtastic" also has driving feature but I haven't tried yet) that fully implements a driving vehicle feature in all maps. & all maps require driving vehicle to certain points in order to trigger some missions or collect items. Players can roam freely by walking too, but that won't trigger any mission, so at least one player has to drive. The supplies are provided along the way, though somehow bile bomb is rarely found. But that's not a big problem as the horde population is not crowded during panic events. Bot navigation is fine, though they can't ride the vehicle (the author said that it's to prevent bugs).
      When playing this, players must prepare to anticipate some unexpected problems, like:
      1. Vehicle getting stuck.
      About 25% chance (1 of 4 tries), vehicle will get stuck when hitting some solid objects. Though some objects causing this bug have been fixed, the author is still searching & fixing other objects that also cause this stuck bug. To play safe, drive carefully & try not to hit objects/ obstacles.
      2. No glow on items when driving the vehicle.
      This problem is probably not a serious one on most missions, but special for crane event, this will make players need to have extra focus to search for where the pump machine is.
      3. Carried items can drop easily.
      Unlike the gnome or other official carried items, the custom items especially wooden planks are easy to drop when players turn around & the objects hit other objects, walls, or other survivors. When playing with bots especially in map 4, bots will become annoying because they will often make player drop the items during moving items from vehicle into the house. So if playing with bots, it's necessary to order bots to wait with certain commands (some bot mods have such commands. Or use "sb_hold_position" cvar to make bots wait).
      4. Extra difficulty on crane control.
      In map 3, there's a mission to pick a pump machine using crane. The crane control switch is small with small buttons on each movement, & each button doesn't have glow (I think glow on buttons is really needed here as that could become very useful to help players when pointing crosshair on a button. Or at least make the arrows have white color), so the player controlling the crane needs extra focus to see which buttons to press E to move crane to the pump machine. With horde & special infected disturbing survivors outside the room, at least one player or all bots need to wait outside to cover the player controlling the crane (it's recommended to use some bot mods if playing with bots as vanilla bots can't be trusted to cover). Actually this crane control would be easier if it used the same control settings as the vehicle, but well, I think the author had his own reasons for not making it same as vehicle control.
      As long as players are prepared to anticipate all 4 problems I mentioned above, they can play this campaign without problem. Well, I hope that there would be Pesaro 5 next time, with another new feature added.
      (Edit: the image preview on the review about the bug report is bugged, so this is the link for the image:

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    • rjbowden1991

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      it's good

      Well, I have reservations on driving the vehicle.  It's a little bit to much for me, not having issues on playing and enjoying your campaign.  The weapons should be a little bit closer to the bots when the campaign begins after exiting the vehicle.  The scenery and is pretty good and the movement looks good without any issues or concerns. I'm still going through your levels and let you know what's happening.....  :-)
      I'll skip using the vehicle for now and enjoy your campaign.  I'll be giving you credits again, ripper

      This review was posted before the latest release.

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