PC DOS Games

  • Warcraft II : Beyond the Dark Portal
    PC PlayStation Sega PC DOS

    Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal is an expansion pack for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. After defeating the Orcish Horde and capturing the survivors, the Human Alliance attempts to destroy the Dark Portal. However, whilst they destr...

  • Duke Nukem 3D
    Mobile PC PlayStation Sega Xbox PC DOS

    Aliens have landed in futuristic Los Angeles and it's up to the Duke to bring the pain and show them the door. After the initial entries of side-scrolling platform games, Duke Nukem 3D introduces a first-person perspective to the series ...

  • The 7th Guest
    Mobile PC PC DOS Philips CD-i

    The 7th Guest is a horror adventure described as “the first Interactive Drama”, with plentiful pre-rendered 3D graphics, live action video clips, and an original, orchestrated musical score. Even though it was one of the first games on a...

  • Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
    Nintendo PC PlayStation PC DOS

    Broken Sword is a 2D adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The player uses a point-and-click interface to interact with the environment and to guide protagonist George Stobbart through the game's world. To solve puzzl...

  • DOOM
    Mobile Nintendo PC PlayStation Sega Xbox 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Atari Jaguar PC DOS

    In the future, humans have left Earth and settled throughout the galaxy. On Mars, the Union Aerospace Corporation has established a radioactive waste facility and allowed the military to conduct teleportation experiments on the nearby mo...

  • Little Big Adventure
    PC PlayStation PC DOS

    Chilling dreams of destruction and doom fill your mind. You feel compelled to warn the world, but in so doing are imprisoned by the tyrannous Dr. Funfrock. Imprisoned because of a dream? You know in your soul that you must escape somehow...

  • Atlantis: The Lost Tales
    PlayStation Sega PC DOS

    Atlantis: The Lost Tales is a fantasy adventure computer game developed by Cryo Interactive and published by DreamCatcher Interactive, and released on September 30, 1997. The game is named after its initial and most important setting, At...

  • Alone in the Dark 2
    PC PlayStation Sega 3DO Interactive Multiplayer PC DOS

    You are Edward Carnby, and already journalists have nicknamed you "The Private Eye of the Unknown". You could go on taking life easy in your comfortable office. But suddenly you receive a call for help from a friend of yours, Ted Striker...

  • Alone in the Dark 3
    PC PC DOS PC-98

    Edward Carnby looked up. An Eagle was visible as it skimmed the light of the moon. Slaughter Gulch, never had a ghost town been so aptly named! The hot sierra wind blew open the swing door to the old saloon bar... A scream echoed through...

  • Alone in the Dark
    Mobile PC 3DO Interactive Multiplayer PC DOS

    A suspicious suicide. A chilling curse. A malevolent power. Finally, a wicked dark secret. This is Derceto, a legendary Louisiana mansion where, against your better judgment, you're drawn into a world of shadows to explore the darker sid...

  • Alien Breed Tower Assault
    Amiga Amiga CD32 PC DOS

    In the depths of space a holocaust has occured. Intelligent and hostile alien life-forms have taken over the Military Research Unit in the planet Azarin 2E. Chaos and destruction have been wrought on the innocent colonists. Now it's you...

  • Alien Breed
    PlayStation Amiga PC DOS

    You've landed in a space station only to discover it is overrun by alien life. You must complete the missions in each floor in order to advance to the next. Make good use of you ammo and don't run out of health!

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