GameMaps : Five things you may not know!
By iLL
GameMaps is filled with many features and options and we continuously add more as we expand. In this guide we will cover some of the most common features that tend to be overlooked.
1) Light / Dark Theme
Is the bright GameMaps straining your eyes? Dark theme too hard to read on mobile devices? Well you can easily change the theme by pressing the (aA) button in the top right of the site! (see image below)
2) Donate to Publisher
Everyone is able to request donations from members and visitors. Donate buttons can be applied to your profile, files, and even guides. There is no middle man or fee so you get 100% of the donation. The only requirement is you must have an active PayPal account to receive donations.

To enable donations go to My Account > Settings > Donate Settings and enter your PayPal merchant ID or E-Mail. Donate buttons on files and guides is currently limited to PRO members only. (see image below)
3) Toggle List View
You can change the way you browse / display content 3 different ways. In the top right of most titles you can choose from List View, Classic View, and Thumb View. (see image below)
4) Favorite Games
When you add games to your Favorites they will become easily accessible in primary menus and various locations. To add a game to your favorites simply press the star icon located left of the games name. (see image below)
5) Language Options
If English is not your primary language you can easily select a new language in the site footer. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select the language you prefer.  (see image below)
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iWeakness September 2015
Oooh Nice thing tho. Also, Im going to release my "How to make your own L4D2 Intro" Guide Soon.