How to create a GameMaps listing that gets results.
By iLL
Creating a good listing on GameMaps is just as important as creating a good map or mod. These listing can often make or break an add-on's performance in terms of views, downloads and feedback received. Here are some tips to improve the quality of your listing.
The Thumbnail
The thumbnail is one of the most important ways to attract attention to your listing. Create a vibrant thumbnail that show off your map or mod. Using generic or stock images will generally create far less views.
The Description
Begin your description with one or two sentences that best describes your map or mod. The first couple sentences are most important because your description will be used in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. After the first couple sentences you can add additional details about your map / mod. Always check your description for spelling and grammatical errors.
The Screenshots
There is no better way to get the most downloads than with screenshots. Everyone will view your screenshots before they download your content therefore it is crucial you pick quality images. Show everyone why your map or mod stands out from the rest by using unique and attractive screenshots. The more screenshots you provide the more likely you will encourage the user to click download.
To get the most out of your listing you may additionally add a video. You can do this by first uploading your video to YouTube and then adding it to your listing. Dont know how to make videos? No problem! Ask your friends and family to create one for you and they can also add it to your listing!
The Changelog
The changelog allows users to see what is new / updated after you release an update. Listing your changes also allows users to check for bugs and provide feedback related to the update.
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