Getting featured and promoted at GameMaps.
By iLL
Everyone has the ability to get featured on GameMaps for free; However, you must ensure your listing is eligible to for that to happen. In this guide we will cover how to ensure you can get the most exposure for your map or mod.
Getting featured on the home locations.
In order to be eligible to be featured on the homepage and game homepages your listing must have at least 1 HD image available. (If you do not have an HD image you are only eligible to be featured on the category pages.)
Featured maps / mods will appear in the large slider located at the top of primary home locations. (image below)
Updating your featured / promo / cover image.
You can select which image will be used for promotional purposes from the 'Manage Media' page. Click the image, and then select 'Mark as Promo / Cover'. (see image below)
Getting featured in categories.
Featured images at the category pages are displayed much smaller and therefore do not require an HD image. (image below) However in order to be featured here your map / mod must meet the formulated criteria.
Getting promoted with content-linking.
All publishers are able to link maps, mod or guide directly on an existing listing. This will then promote the item on the details, mirrors, and download page giving you great exposure. (image below)
Getting promoted by using tags.
Adding tags to your map is another great way to have your content found. Be sure to tag your item accurately to get the best results. (Tagging content in the wrong categories can actually create a negative impact.) After you select your tags, your map / mod will now appear in those categories.

Custom tags are another great way to discover your content. Add custom tags that best fit your map or mod theme. For example if you make a Mario mod, we recommend tagging the mod with the keyword 'mario'. If you create a Simpsons map you should add the tag 'Simpsons'. Players can then discover your content using our tag browser or by clicking a tag on a details page.

(If your item is not tagged properly it may be difficult for visitors to discover your map or mod.)
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Kairik April 2019
Kairik April 2019
Hello, why you removed One 4 Nine (10/21/10)
iWeakness September 2015
And Yes, I found this really useful. 10 Hours ago I updated my Third Touhou Concert Music Modpack when I was visited this site I was suprised that my Concert Music Modpack was featured also my Castlevania:SOTN Mod. Additional,Adding a Guide to this website is really perfect for those people who are new to This Website. I rate 9/11 so Original