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    City Battle / 城战

    此地图仅适用于生还者模式.如果需要控制台创建地图:map city_battle 幸存者准备在这座城市抵抗到底. Only survival mode console mapping is supported:map city_battle The survivors decided to fight to the end in the city.

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    City of the Dead Redux (Demo)

    This is only a Demo Version of the campaign, and only has the final two maps! This is an upcoming remake of the campaign City of the Dead, originally released back in 2016.

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    Undead Smackdown


    My first attempt at a campaign! be nice. Undead Smackdown is a campaign based on the journey to an arena where a wrestling match between the wrestling legends Ric Flair and Randy Savage was going to take place. However the infection spr...

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    Wild Ride

    Beta 8.6

    Story: A custom campaign that took a couple years so far to draw. A long weekend party went on a little too long - will the survivors make it back home to see family again? Thanks to SpaceTed for questions answered Thanks to ndimakukond...

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    Raccoon City's survivors.

    Just a simple reskin over EEEN'S beta survivors pack, to let them fit in whatever resident evil campaign you favorite the most. We got: Doctor Nicholas Coach The stagla worker Ellis And the Reporter Rochelle

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    Pass to hell town survival map

    English Description A map based on town for survive hordes of zombies waiting for you... This map has: -Heavy weapons (Grenade Launcher, M60, Chainsaw) -3 Defibrilators -A lot of throwables (Bile jar, Molotov, Pipe bomb) -Variety of ...

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    Ottawa Rock City


    Mini-Sequel to Innes Road Rash...featuring local talent Static Revolt, Boogaloo Trybe and Black Market Candy. Set in Ottawa...based on no particular locations, BECAUSE ALL MUSIC USED IN THIS CAMPAIGN WAS PRODUCED BY ARTISTS FROM OTTAWA, ...

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    Stalwart XL

    Hold out in Stalwart XL for as long as you can. Map originally from Unreal Tournament, re-built for Source by myself. New additions include an outside area and a 'catwalk' but it's mostly a 1:1 copy. There may be a few bugs here and ther...

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    Zooicidal Tendencies

    Beta 9.1

    Survivors must defend against waves of infected in the shelter of a central city zoo. If your player goes idle it will say flow is broken, you can ignore this, as it will not effect gameplay. low end system users may have to tone down v...

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    /!\NOTE : I'm trying to solve the zombies spawn problems which make zombies spawn too far ! Like her Big sister LibertyVille, I keep the same idea of hugeness and fun. It's a big city where you can go everywhere ! Given this is a sequel,...

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    City Circle of Madness

    READ CHANGELOG FOR UPDATES!...(Watch the video down below.... A Survival map placed on a of Big City. Lots of vehicles and barricades and place for infected. Have done so much since 0.3 update. Hope you like it. =)

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    Dead Foundry

    This is my very first Survival map, and first map in general, but I'm very proud of it and I'm very proud of where it's at right now. In this map, Survivors will fight off hordes of zombies in an abandoned building that used to house a s...

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    District 14 rooftops

    Medium rooftop map with a bunch of different areas, a few easter eggs, custom soundscape, minor backstory, gnome, a lot of supplies, a couple interiors, rain. The skybridge was built as a shelter, that's why it is a little out of place....

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    No Way Out


    The survivors chrashed with their last helicopter out of the zombie apocalypse, and now they need to puzzle their way out from this city. ***Look in the changelog after playing through (or really REALLY stuck in a puzzle).*** Make sure...

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    Cursed City


    Transported to the hospital to get cure, our survivors are left behind at the hospital and need to find a way to contact the military for help. IMPORTANT!! This campaign is not working correctly. After the first map, the second map doe...

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    You are contained in a section of the city. You try to call for help, but no one comes. Now with Left 4 Dead 1 Survivors and rain! Now with more places to survive!

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    Suicide Blitz 2


    Four new survivors must make their way through an infected city to escape the zombie apocalypse! :Recommended - First play with Game Instructor on. :If you experience crashes on map change (Lower end systems) turn Paged Pool Memory to a...

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    Dead District

    In this map, the Survivors have to resist against bunches of zombies in an unknown country town they fell in...will you dare to face them all?

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    Fuel Rush

    its a foresty place with 2 little buildings and some train cars. why you call it fuel rush? because one of the train cars has about 30 gas barrels! see if you can make past 10 min!!?? thanks go to eligri for giving me the modded melee w...

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