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Custom maps and mods for games.
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    Resident Evil 1 Mansion - Objective version Return to the great Spencer mansion from Resident Evil / Biohazard once again to find those Crests for the last bloody time! The Story version of this map was originally released in 2010, bu...

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    Event Zeds (Circus/Halloween/Xmas/Redneck)

    This is a remake of the Circus and Xmas zeds mutator I made a while back, this one no longer requires a custom game, it adds in all the appropriate ZEDS for which mutator you choose to use and, it adds in the boss and his final squads.

    Forrestmark9 Forrestmark9
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    A Horrific Objective map Inspired by an Indie game called Damned I recommend not to use any mutator that could modify the gameplay if you want the map to work as it should. Features: The map has random generated keys, and different d...

    Mr.RoBoT Mr.RoBoT
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    ToyMaster Replacer

    The Toy Master Toys have invaded reality! Replaces Zeds with Toys! [YOU MUST HAVE TOY MASTER INSTALLED FOR THIS TO WORK] It's Halloween & the Toy Master mod was awesome, so I wrote this little mutator to bring them to KF so we can enjo...

    Cakedog Cakedog
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    KFO-Foundry-SE (ScrN Edition)

    A conversion of one of the best stock map to the Objective Mode Map is not whitelisted (yet). Map uses own code packages that aren't whitelisted yet (will be submitted for a whitelist ASAP). KFO-Foundry is fully compatible with vanilla...

    PooSH PooSH
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    MADE FOR CHRISTMAS EVENT- It’s been months but you’re still stuck in this hell hole and worst of all is, all the monsters and freaks coming from Santa’s workshop all way to here just for you! So yeah… Good luck with that.

    RoBoT RoBoT
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    You have been alerted that a horde of "things" are closing in and somehow the army has gone from the expedition. Only you and your allies can stand up against these monsters! Good luck! -The map has been created long time ago. I upload ...

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    This is a map based on a CS map. Its not the same because i used killing floor textures. I hope you enjoy. Also please leave a comment if you can. Ty and have fun!

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