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Left 4 Dead 2 - All Items
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    Blight Path


    Lou Saffire presents... After leaving America in Dead Air, Bill and the gang find themselves locked in on a 'Blight Path' over Beijing originally for the china contest,first play turn game instructor on, please check change-log befor...

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    Wan Li

    Beta 8.5

    Coach, Nick, Rochelle and Ellis are in an airliner in distress. They ditch the airliner in mid-flight over China... Many areas of this campaign are based on the real Great Wall of China. ----------------------------------------------- ...

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    True FangShi


    After the crash survivors must find their way through doomed locations of China.

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    《HOME TOWN》Custom Weapon


    》》》This version replaces more than half of the weapon models, as well as TANK, WITCH, and modifies the properties of all weapons! 《《《 Hello everyone, I am Huang He. This is my first official map. After three years of development, ...

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    Farewell Chenming V4.0


    The 4 survivors known the Chen Ming city is the final evacuation sites, they had to go through untold hardships to the town square from a road, a small town, they can see the dawn of the second day? enjoy campaign v3.0 Fixed finale lev...

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    Left in China

    Beta 7.3

    My entry for the china contest This campaign has either the l4d1 or l4d2 surviors play through the wonderful atmospheric setting that china has to offer after being experimented on for a month with CEDA. The survivors escaped and go thr...

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    Dead Destination


    Our campaign entry for the China contest. The survivors have sailed the whole Pacific just to find peace and safety. Eventualy they decided to land in China but the country was already infected. Now they must travel to be safe. Released ...

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    Hong Kong


    Our campaign entry for the China contest. NEWS We posted version 2 update. you can download from mediafire too This is a map take place in Hong Kong China. Hong Kong is infected and survivors found themselves trapped in Hong Kong This ...

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    人最宝贵的东西是生命。生命对人来说只有一次。因此,人的一生应当这样度过:当一个人回首往事时,不因虚度年华而悔恨,也不因碌碌无为而羞愧;这样,在他临死的时候,能够说,我把整个生命和全回部精力都献给了人生最答宝贵的事业——为人类的解放而奋斗。 ...

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    Zengcheng Guangzhou City


    A series of " life" There is only one! The real city on the map refers to Guangzhou, the level of technology and time will not be exactly the same I'm afraid there is no hope, so complete the update and improve the previous one The mappi...

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    剧情: 生还者们乘坐的改装面包车被迫停在了山路上,为求生路他们必须设法寻求道路。在一路下山的探索后,他们在一个小楼中度过了晚上。隔日,当太阳升起时,他们再次出发,幸运的是他们取得了军队的联系,只要前往停机坪即可,4人历经凶猛的尸潮进攻后终...

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    NightmareHouse2 - map sharing

    我不是此地图的作者,我只是将此地图搬运过来。 地图介绍: 生存者们在逃离时不小心翻车昏迷醒来时发现在幻想乡前,出于好奇去探险,经历一系列惊悚事件被吓着跑车去,却被女鬼一套带走又昏迷了,醒来时发现在精神病院中。 生存者们又一路斩杀经历各...

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    Hong Kong 4 Dead


    Our campaign entry for the China contest. NEWS We posted version 2 update. This is a map take place in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is infected and survivors find themselves trapped in the city. This is our first L4D2 campaign. Thanks fo...

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    不可企及 / Unattainable v1.4

    ◾ Update version 1.4, if you encounter bugs welcome feedback in the comment. ◾ The map is currently the first chapter, will slowly make updates to subsequent chapters. Map filename: 🟢unattainable_1 🟢unattainable_2 Game Ti...

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