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    Mob Stadium 2012 L4D2


    The first chapter, Mob Stadium 2012 holds the secret to escaping the end of all time. Traps, challenges, and a Grand Finale await your demise in this latest version of Mob Stadium, a single but challenging CO-OP map. L4D2 add-on supp...

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    Let's Build:2012


    Version: 4 From the fantastic system Rimrook has made and given to all of those whom wish to make their own, I Richy have done just that! Yes thanks to Rimrooks Let's Build a Rocket System i decided to screw around and make my own little...

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    After the events of Space Jockeys, the end of time finds its third chapter. Now footed on Nibiru, the survivors must face the Anunaku in an epic fatal struggle. Please see changelog for hints on how to navigate Wormwood.

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    Last Baktun


    The end before the end. After the events of The Return of the Jockeys, our final chapter pushes the survivors to the brink of all time; our Last Baktun. *WARNING - can be challenging even on easy!*

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    Space Jockeys


    After the events of Mob Stadium 2012, a direct path with destiny awaits your demise in this L4d2 CO-OP map. Custom skybox (Spaced Out) by shini Custom texture (Flesh) by aa13x Shader detail must be set to high or better for the skybox ...

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    The Return of the Jockeys


    After the events of Wormwood, a direct path to your demise awaits in this L4D2 co-op map. **Boss contest winner!** Skybox by Shini

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    Revelations 2012 - Volcano

    One of the Battleground mode maps from Revelations 2012, backported to Left 4 Dead 2 as a survival mode map. For some reason, I never uploaded this to GameMaps. Only to the Workshop. But it's here now!

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    The Valve logo (2012 version) (1080p HD)

    This is the latest version of the Valve logo, an expanded version of the 'Open your mind' variant with a new model, expected to be featured in the upcoming Valve games. It is part of the Dota 2 game files leaked in September 2011. I und...

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    Left 4 Survival


    This is a map that I worked on a while back. You know, before I started working on skins. It's nothing special, just a personal survival map. I also made the poster. Of course, the map isn't finished and might not ever be. I kinda don't ...

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    MLP Deagle - Rainbow Dash

    L4D2 just got 20% cooler!!! *starts laughing* I can't believe I actually just said that. Anyways, RD's Deagle is now in the mix. The attributes for this deagle is fast firing speed and reload speed. I was thinking about adding faster wal...

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    [AK] Metro 2033 Kalash 2012 HUD icon

    A HUD icon for the weird AK-74/P90 hybrid from Metro 2033. Type: in-game model silhouette This addon replaces SCRIPTS (changes the icon)! That means if a server is enforcing consistency, you may get kicked. Disable this mod (and prefer...

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