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Left 4 Dead 2 - All Items
  • 16 Maps
    Sector-74: March of the survivors
    Beta N/A

    TRAILER WALKTHROUGH Chapter 1 to 15 are still being updated/tweaked/improved etc. etc. (new updates follow in the future for better gameplay) Chapter 13 to 15 still need allot of tweaking, fixing, bugfixing, gameplay cha...

  • Mod
    Radial Menus for Team Chat (No Mic Players)
    Beta N/A

    A set of 9 radial menus to aid in team communication with players without mics. To access the main radial menu, use: bind KEY '+mouse_menu CommandMenu' with KEY being the key of your choice. Each of the nine submenus has nine command...

  • 3 Maps
    逃逸森林 Fugitive forest

    幸存者们因为新冠肺炎隔离导致自己家的宝贝狗狗饿了,幸存者们需要前往办公楼里边的地下基地中找到狗粮,然后带走狗粮到达港口乘坐轮船逃逸森林... 整张地图难度较大,对玩家技术和经验方面都是非常大的考验,非常适合喜欢挑战的玩家,如果你喜欢挑战地图...

  • 4 Maps
    The DISTINCTIVE Map Version 2.5.2
    Beta N/A

    【注意】搜索“The DISTINCTIVE Map”以查看所有版本。 [Note]Search for "The DISTINCTIVE Map" to see all version of The DISTINCTIVE Map. 这是旧版本。This is an old version. 新版本将会发布在另一个物品中。 The new version will be released in an...


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