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    Crysis3 scarAB Replace ak47,custom sounds. The fov is 80 enjoy! log: Adjusting reload animation,multiplayer bug fixed。 FIX and adjust the animation

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    CrossFire AK47-Beast

    Remaster This is Super VIP weapon from CrossFire Replaces AK47 Enjoy! Credits: SmileGate - Model/Texture/Sound/Animations Half Life Zm - original compile zexalyuma - compiling

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    CrossFire AK47-Knife Born Beast

    This is Super VIP weapon from CrossFire Replaces AK47 Enjoy! Credits: SmileGate - Model/Texture 可乐熊 - Animations, texture modifications, original compile zexalyuma - compiling

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    AK47 Rin Len VOCALOID

    kendip __________________________Kendip_insabel This MOD is AK47,It has a new sound,Has the fluorescent effect in the dark,Like VOCALOID can try,Welcome to my WORKSHOP and thumb up,And subscribe to other items,Thank you for your subscrip...

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    Special Purpose Rifle (AK47)

    Special Purpose Rifle in the role of the AK-47. The original development team... TheLama, Stoke, Flamshmizer, SureShot, Soul_Slayer, Thanez, James-, Racer445, Bullethead, Millenia, DaEllum67, JIHAD, Vunsunta, Hk, Bathroom Security, Shib...

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    Rainbow Dash AK47 (HyperMetal anims)


    This Rainbow Dash AK47 follows the same style as my old RD Scar L. Requested by Suokukko originally it should have a 'Dashie' text, but it destroyed the look of the whole gun Credits: Twinke Masta - model Millenia - textures (got chang...

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    M14 (AK47)

    M14 replaces the AK-47/AKM. Includes sounds. IMPORTANT: For the particles, download the addon linked below. arby26 - animations, original compile Doktor haus - hacking, compiling Flamshmizer - M14 UV maps Insurgency team - bayonet/bull...

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    K1 RIfle ak47

    I know you may never heard of it its a Korean sub assault rifle. i love em. however this is a custom model with 6 other guns moved and adjusted around. so made from scratch. Was my favorite childhood gun and good to see one i made in l4d...

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    Ak47 paratrooper


    This replaces the m16. and only the m16 with a custom ak47. custom textures by me custom stock. and addon flashlight on arbys animations (my favorite). enjoy!***known bug is the mag is a little off**

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    FN FAL-ak47


    feeeew that was hard. im doing guns now. i did this all by myself with no help. boy was it hard. i give you the FN FAL .308 rifle. includes a HUD image too if someone did some sound that would be great guys. enjoy. this is my first so i ...

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    New Lunar Republic ak47


    At first it was 'only' supposed to be a Luna themed ak but a NLR one fits pretty well don't you think ? Has custom normal maps.

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    Gritty AK47

    A darker, more realistic skin for the AK47. Not all assault rifles in a zombie apocalypse look brand new!

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