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Left 4 Dead 2 - All Items
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    Wan Li

    Beta 8.5

    Coach, Nick, Rochelle and Ellis are in an airliner in distress. They ditch the airliner in mid-flight over China... Many areas of this campaign are based on the real Great Wall of China. ----------------------------------------------- ...

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    《HOME TOWN》Custom Weapon


    》》》This version replaces more than half of the weapon models, as well as TANK, WITCH, and modifies the properties of all weapons! 《《《 Hello everyone, I am Huang He. This is my first official map. After three years of development, ...

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    Farewell Chenming V4.0


    The 4 survivors known the Chen Ming city is the final evacuation sites, they had to go through untold hardships to the town square from a road, a small town, they can see the dawn of the second day? enjoy campaign v3.0 Fixed finale lev...

  • Mod

    Graffiti Chinese Edition

    This Mod will make the wall text changed to Chinese. P.S, not including art graffiti. Thanks Despair and 阿咩Amie help, And 公子明 to provide translation for reference.

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    不可企及 / Unattainable v1.4

    ◾ Update version 1.4, if you encounter bugs welcome feedback in the comment. ◾ The map is currently the first chapter, will slowly make updates to subsequent chapters. Map filename: 🟢unattainable_1 🟢unattainable_2 Game Ti...

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    Special Task L4D2

    "Special Task" is a five chapter battle class map, the map by the domestic author "Morning Morning" Production. The story tells of the survivors who crash in the desert and survive by finding an desert oasis. In order to continue to surv...

  • Mod

    [Honkai Impact 3]Theresa Apocalypse replace hun...

    [Honkai Impact 3]Theresa Apocalypse replace hunter v2 (Chinese) [Sound fix Ver] [Honkai Impact 3]Theresa Apocalypse replace hunter v2 Skin & sound. Replaces Left 4 Dead 2 Hunter Skin,sound. Credits: skin - 月悠红茶,大红莲麻辣火史莱姆 ...

  • Mod

    Chinese Flag

    The Flag of China is the significant symbol of the people's republic. The stuff is based on the original American Flag made by Splinks and the modified Taiwanese Flag made by me, and you can customize it as your own color flag. I would ...

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    Genshin Impact Paimon Tank & Sound (Chinese) [S...

    Genshin Impact Paimon Tank & Sound (Chinese) [Sound fix Ver] Online game Genshin Impact (2020) Paimon Tanks Skin and sound Replaces Tank Skin and sound Credits: skin - 凄まじき戦士 (Genshin Impact Paimon (Tank)) sound - ☆麻辣香锅☆月悠...

  • Mod

    装逼进化 - 求生之路整体文字替换&主菜单图片修改Mod

    本Mod为装逼菜单Mod的替换版本 (原版本作者:梓喵~ 宠物小绿猪 ) 感谢梓喵~ 宠物小绿猪! 本Mod特性: ·魔性十足的游戏主菜单图标 ·贴合国人玩家的游戏人物称呼 ·新的成就名称与突变模式名称 ·让装逼进入游戏的每一个角落 ·支持本Mod纯文字版本的无...

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    XiShi (Spitter) [Sound Fix Ver] Chinese

    XiShi (Spitter) [Sound Fix Ver] Chinese King of Glory Game Xi Shi Spitter Skin Credits: skin & sound - LunarMeal sound Fix - l4dkk 2.vpk files are included in the compressed file. XiShi replace spitter.vpk (Spitter Skin,Sou...

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