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    Menu Music - Cry of Fear


    A request from several people form the last cry of fear mod... replaces all five songs that can play during the main menu with various songs from cry of fear... the non-creepy ones at least...

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    Cry of Fear Hunter


    "I've always felt alone. My whole life. For as long as I can remember. I don't know if I like it or if I'm used to it, but I know this; being lonely does things to you. Feeling shit and bitter and angry all the time just... eats away at ...

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    Cry of Fear Music Mod


    Make L4d2 more creepy by installing this music mod! It replaces the most common songs heard in the game. I recommend installing it direct in the sounds folder. If you have any modding experience you know how to do that. Still. Instal...

  • 5 Maps

    Tour of Terror


    View my complete portfolio, read my blog, and link to my Twitter @ dangerforce dot com Escape Eastern Europe! * Turn Game Instructor on to see important HUD messages Credits LEVEL DESIGN & MAPS Brian Riggsbee POSTER Matt Waggle ADDITI...

  • 7 Maps

    Silent Hill: Otherside of Life


    This was designed as an Single Player experience in mind. Players who are strong-willed with large amount of patience, stubborn and are also willing to sacrifice in order for the team to advance, then give this a shot. This campaign is ...

  • Map

    Helm's Deep Reborn (Official/Fixed/Cleaned)


    An alternate version, free of all the changes nobody wants or likes, for you to keep enjoying the map without any worries. It does not require the fix mod or the weapons unlocker mod for this version, as we've ensured that it works fine...

  • 3 Maps

    Kokiri Forest


    New minor Update Should be selectable in versus now. Fixed red console spam Fixed some missing assets Just a note, this level is available for versus but not really balanced for it, there's a lot of tunnels and path ways for infected i...

  • 3 Maps

    Lord Of The Rings Campaign


    Abandoned for years campaign is now complete and fully functional. Basically a mashed potato of two CS:S Zombie Escape mod maps and finale map from HL2 mod Age of Chivalry. So don't expect this to be a triple A type of campaign and it's...

  • 6 Maps

    Deathcraft II


    As the last minecart leaves the town, the survivors are forced to find another way to safety. This is a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign based on Minecraft. A short-medium length campaign. 2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broke...

  • 3 Maps

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies


    A recreation of the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland. Hundreds of custom assets and randomized events, just like the ride! Contains a bonus 'freeride' map, just so you can ride the attraction without zombies. Requires L4D2 addo...

  • 4 Maps

    Carried Off


    The survivors find themselves on a riverbed and follow a road to the town. Then they must fight to the top of the office building where the rescue helicopter awaits.

  • Map

    Zombies of the Caribbean


    In this recreation of the classic Disneyland ride, players can ride the boat, ride the boat while zombies try to tear your limbs off, or go through the ride and employee areas on foot like a standard map. Requires L4D2 Addon Support. Co...

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