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    Celestial Melee Weapons

    The melee weapons were blessed by the heaven, & now they become "Celestial Melee Weapon" that contain certain celestial powers. Now, not only zombies bring chaos to the apocalyptic world, survivors also bring salvation & descended hope f...

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    The6thMessenger Custom Weapons

    This is just a few scripts of mine, calibrated for these weapons: - Berretta 92fs (Pistols) - Ruger Super Redhawk .454 (.44 Desert Eagle) - FN P90 (Uzi) - MP7 (Silenced SMG) - MP5 - M16A2 (Desert Rifle) - AKM (M-16 Assault Rifle)...

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    Left For Evil Dead


    *Update: Added a few surprises and put the skeletons that replaced the common infected back in with the map. Note: It's recommended you disable other mods/addons, especially if you're having problems. Groovy! Alright you Primitive Scr...

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    Custom Weapon Base

    Enables custom scripted weapons to be used in the Official Campaigns. The server/host needs to have this installed along with the weapon mods. Incompatible with other mods that modify the system scripts. Used only for the mods below.

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    Custom Weapon: Flamethrower

    This is the flamethrower featured in the maps 'Trapped' and 'Necropolis'. Included are the models, sounds, materials, scripts, and particle effects for your own custom maps. Please note: you MUST HAVE SOURCEMOD INSTALLED and the Flamet...

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    Desperado (Mutation + Custom Weapon Effects)

    Again, first of all, I want to thank the author for letting me study some of the vscripts. I was inspired to make this vscript after I had seen the author's original script about custom weapon effects. So, I made my own weapon script bas...

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    All Weapons Reanimated Pack


    Do you feel like Valve's Weapons take up the whole screen? Don't worry, you can download arby26's reanimated weapons here, it's a pack made by me. This pack includes all weapon reanimated, except the pistols. 6/12/2012 Do not add any sk...

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    Body Relocation (Custom Weapon Mod)

    This time, I'd like to introduce another mod of mine. After seeing how often the bots get in the way & then get shot as they're just suddenly standing in front of the player, & also how they sometimes get stuck in custom maps due to the ...

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    Desperado Calamity Trigger (Custom Melee + Guns)

    This is my 3rd mod and the 3rd alternative. If the mutation version is too much of effort to activate it while you also want to use the demonic melee weapons, use this :) . This mod will automatically activate both of my previous mods, "...

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    Weapons Selection Pack


    Pistols: P220/Glock > Beretta 92FS Magnum: Desert Eagle > S&W Model 29 SMG Silenced: MAC-10 > FN P90 SMG: Uzi > Uzi Unfolded SMG-CS: MP5 Rifle AK-47 Retexture Rifle M16: M16 > M16A2 Rifle Desert: SCAR-L Silenced Rifle-CS: SG552 > M4A1 Ta...

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    L4D1 Weapon Animations for L4D2

    Beta 8.4

    Known Issues: Can't be used on Dedicated servers (good for playing with friends who have the addon via hosting a local server) Shotgun reload flickers. Ellis' and Rochelle's arms slightly glitches when looking down with shotguns. Pistols...

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    Death Mountain Custom Melee Weapons

    This pack contains 7 custom melee weapons from the custom campaign, Death Mountain. Credits to NickNak for these weapons and me for extracting them to be playable on official campaigns. Feature: Hud icons Console commands: give biggo...

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    Blood Tracks Custom Melee Weapons

    This mod contains a pack of melee weapons that are featured in Blood Tracks made by Christopher Collini and extracted by me. This weapon oack includes a sledgehammer and a nail board. Console commands: give sledgehammer give nail_board

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    Left 4 Evil Dead Custom Melee Weapons

    In this one file contains a pack full of custom melee weapons made by TB/SP. Credits go to them for creating these and me for extracting these files to be playable on official campaigns. Console commands: give battleaxe give flail giv...

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    Minecraft Melee Weapons


    Prepare to get your diggy diggy groove on and make a few holes in some infected's skullls. ANNOUNCEMENT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I figured sense now you all know I'm still alive I would invite all of you over to a STEAM group I have started ...

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