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    Haunted House


    This is a map i did for the world of level design Halloween haunted house challenge. i made it and then decided to just convert it to a regular playable map after just making the environment.

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    Killhouse - Call of Duty 4 Remake v1.5


    Killhouse, a Call of Duty 4 remake. The survivors are sent to Survival Boot Camp and learn how to survive the apocalypse in a custom built KILLHOUSE. MW2 Models can now be used in this v1.5 Support my work by using the external link

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    Hell House 2


    A map that is based upon my parents home. Features custom textures and a few custom models to reflect reality. Versions 1 -3 were released when I still lived there. **V4.0 is out now! Now features a (hopefully) better brand new nav mes...

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    Return of the Living Dead SBS

    Beta 9.6

    Lou Saffire presents... L4D2 incarnation of the John Russo and Dan O'Bannon film, Return of the Living Dead using the new 'Safehouse' finale based on Survival Barricade System. Like any other gametype plz do not expect bots to be anythi...

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    NightmareHouse2 - map sharing


    我不是此地图的作者,我只是将此地图搬运过来。 地图介绍: 生存者们在逃离时不小心翻车昏迷醒来时发现在幻想乡前,出于好奇去探险,经历一系列惊悚事件被吓着跑车去,却被女鬼一套带走又昏迷了,醒来时发现在精神病院中。 生存者们又一路斩杀经历各...

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    Vanilla Ghost House


    Yoshi has been kidnapped by Big Boo! With Mario and Luigi nowhere to be found, it's up to the Survivors to infiltrate the Vanilla Ghost House, defeat the boss, and rescue him. Do not play this with bots. You can technically complete it w...

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    Virgil's House Boat 2 (Rescue Tug)


    Virgil's House Boat Version 2 as the Rescue Tug. Why a second version? It's quite large and may not be able to load on some systems. I added a few pieces of furniture. Valve: Models and Textures

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    Oceanhouse Hotel


    I started this map/campaign ages ago and finally decided to finish the first level, i might finish the whole campaign but don't count on it. This is a remake of the Oceanhouse Hotel from Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, it has been ch...

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    The House 4 Dead

    Alpha N/A

    DEDICATED TO OUR CHILDHOOD -A custom L4D2 Campaing with a lot of news, based in the clasic sega game 'The House Of The Dead'.We have create a litle world in wich you can choose your way, many safe rooms in each way with diferents places ...

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    A post-zombie apocalyptic-christmas theme. There's a turret, treehouse, shed, house and several weapons to choose from.

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    Survival Map based on Peter Jackson's zombie movie Brain dead aka Dead Alive. The close confined hallways, basement, attic, & roof, of the house & surrounding woods have been recreated for you to dismember the undead in.

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    Weapon Warehouse L4D2 Survival

    Beta N/A

    This is a Survival map for Left 4 Dead 2, More information below. NOTE: This is my first map i've created for L4D2, so it may have some bugs. 4 survivor positions in determined place. Weapons, melees, bombs and minigun. Worked navigati...

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    Virgil's House Boat (Rescue Tug)


    Virgil's House Boat as the Rescue Tug. Just for fun. Valve: Most Models and Textures Update: Replaced the float boats with pontoon barrels. Replaced the tire bumpers with regular bumpers.

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    CS:GO Safehouse Survival (L4D2)


    Found a bug where the items on the daytime map are only L4D1 items, however the night version works perfectly. I will fix this with the next update. This is a port of Safehouse from CS:GO to Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. If you find a...

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