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    Heartbeat HUD


    Everyone has been jeering my mods, so this is my last go round. I have put a lot of effert and t ime into this HUD. Please watch the video in full screen to see the varying speed of the health bars. All four iconsheets have new, and I...

  • Mod

    WeaponHUD + Teampanels Vertical by Harry

    To Get it work: every time launch game->open console->type mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 1 mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 0 *******中文翻譯*********** 每次開啟L4D遊戲->打開控制台->輸入兩條指令 mat_setvideomode 1920 1080 1 mat_setvideomode 1920...

  • Mod

    GC - HUD: Default HUD fix

    Fixes Portrait/frame/health bar alignment Compatible with custom portraits. YES Compatible with custom HUD. NO Diffrence not really noticable when used with default portraits. read CHANGELOG for more info.

  • Mod

    Delux Halo HUD


    Much more than just an overlay! It's got a working Halo health bar, flashing warnings, and more! *MORE INFO IN THE CHANGELOG! ***** TO GET YOUR CROSSHAIR LIKE IN THE SCREENSHOTS/VIDEOS, Put the following into your ingame console: cl_c...

  • Mod

    Heartbeat HUD - Revisited (No Icons)

    This is a remake of Dr. Cheyenne Moon's old animated heartbeat HUD. All I really did was remove the portraits and weapon icons that came with the original because I noticed not a lot of people liked them very much. With this, you can use...

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    Colored HUD - Weapon Segment

    i got bored of the original colors, so i made this. it includes: Borderless (compatible with all colors) bright blue green-er green orange pink purple red and yellow This download only contains the bright blue color. Download the file ...

  • Mod

    Urik HUD Blue

    This addon is discontinued. You can find new version at gamebanana or steam workshop.

  • Mod

    Improved Stock HUD 2


    This was constructed based on feedback from my original version, which you can find in the related add-on links below. (I felt my first version with only the minimum fixes/tweaks could stand on its own, but I can always merge the two int...

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    Improved Stock HUD


    This mod makes minor improvements to the stock L4D2 HUD while still keeping the artistic feel of the original. This is a survivor only HUD improvement for the moment. (Read the changelog for more details.)

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    Jill Valentine (RE3) mod, HUD icons and Name

    The original mod of Mr.Lanky. plus Hud icons of jill, and Rochelle name, changed by Jill Valentine. I hope you like ^-^ El mod original de MR.Lanky mas iconos HUD de Jill y el nombre Rochelle cambiado por Jill, espero ke les agrade ^-^

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    Eranthis' Custom Side Hud

    Beta 9.8

    This is a mod customizing the hud for Left 4 Dead 2. These will change the icons displayed on the right side of your screen. This mod now includes the passing weapons and international weapons. Images colored, made, reshapened by myself....

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