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    Last Stand Texture Pack (only for pre-Last Stand)


    As I heard several times about some people asking about the availability of some custom campaigns to be played in pre-Last Stand, I decided to manually sorted most "Last Stand" textures to pack them as one vpk. Normally, if new custom ca...

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    Last Stand L4D2


    A port of the L4D1 map Light House,with l4d2 items and guns. Full credit to valve for the map, I'm only porting it to l4d2.

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    The Last Stand (Real)


    This is a port of the missing Last Stand Survival map from Left 4 Dead. Also includes a version set in the day. First original port created Dec 20, 2017 from the workshop. Last updated Jul 3, 2019. Permission for redistribution granted b...

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    The Last Daylight


    After the last stand at the Lighthouse, another group of survivors ended up in Riverside by mistake, and now their last hope lies in the sunlight... -This is a quick (re)work of the original campaign, turned into a sunny version with th...

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    --- It took about two days to adjust the map. --- After entering the map, the rainstorm will appear periodically, just like the HARD RAIN chapter. --- Support modes: campaign, realistic, versus, survival and mutation mode. --- I...

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    Last Summer


    <<NEW VERSION 5 RELEASED>> This is my first campaign. 3 custom maps based on real places from Spain (coop only). First map is about my neighbourhood of Valencia. Second is the place where I used to play with my band. Third is the place w...

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    The Sacrifice - True Expressive Ending


    The best hero that existed, do you choose the official story or do you want to change it - Is it a sufficient reaction to feel yourself on bill's skin? - Would you give your life for your team? - To understand certain parts you must rea...

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    Left 4 Dead Survival Maps


    THIS IS OBSOLETE SO PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE ANYMORE, I'M ONLY KEEPING THEM UP FOR ARCHIVING PURPOSES! The original Survival maps from the first Left 4 Dead which Valve never ported, also includes the two No Mercy maps that also n...

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    Last Baktun


    The end before the end. After the events of The Return of the Jockeys, our final chapter pushes the survivors to the brink of all time; our Last Baktun. *WARNING - can be challenging even on easy!*

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    Resident Evil: Last Escape


    This is a re-creation of Raccoon City from Resident Evil 3. It's not an exact copy. Known bugs: -The second map doesn't terminate upon completion correctly. To exit, you must quit the map. -Navigation hangups/minor bot issues. -The R...

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    Last Hours: Chapter 5


    After the events of 'Kicked Out' the helicopter crashes and the survivors most go through a flooded City, Lab and Parking lot. This campaign started being made in March of this year. I have kept this and another campaign... a secret but...

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    Last Heartbeat


    Today Last Gift Community announces yet another campaign, but this time for the second part of the left 4 dead. Last Heartbeat - a campaign that takes place during the winter, after the survivors sat in an old factory in a month, they r...

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    Whiskey Outpost

    Alpha N/A

    This is my first ever mod so please be kind, there are alot of faults still and will be frequent updates to keep your eyes out. The map was inspired by the whiskey outpost scene in 'Starship Troopers' (original 1997). ***Spoilers & Pl...

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    Last gift


    2010 Xmas Spirit Winner! Thank you everyone! <3 ------------------------------ Merry xmas and happy new year!

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